Jenelle Evans Says David Called Children Homophobic Names, More

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The split between Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans and David Eason has gotten toxic as Evans’s accusations have become public knowledge. While Jenelle has been fighting for a protective order for her and her kids, she had to explain why she feared and her comments are frightening.

Here is what Jenelle said about David as she fights to get the protective order against him.

Jenelle Evans Makes New Accusations Toward David Eason

Jenelle Evans filed papers in court, saying she needs a protective order against her ex, David Eason, for the safety of her and her children. In the papers, she notes some horrific comments that David made to her children. This includes Jace, 14; Kaiser, 9; and Ensley, 7.

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In the court papers, Jenelle said that David made several homophobic slurs towards her young kids (via The U.S. Sun). According to the request to the courts for the protective order, Jenelle said that David “exhibited emotionally abusive behavior to and in the presence of the minor children.”

Among the comments he made toward her young children, David allegedly said he hated them, called them “a**holes” and said he wanted to run away from the kids and never come back. Jenelle also claims that David told one of the kids to “stop acting so gay” and to “stop being a f***ot.” He also allegedly called them “stupid” and told them their mother was a “piece of sh*t.” It is unclear if this was toward Jace, whom David reportedly assaulted late last year, or another of the kids.

Finally, Jenelle said that David told her she should just “kill herself.” Jenelle has said that David was emotionally abusive to her throughout their entire marriage.

David Eason Promises Receipts To Jenelle Evans

Law enforcement officials served David Eason with papers on the boat where he is living. This caused David to head in and immediately make a TikTok video, where he said he was bringing receipts. He said that Jenelle didn’t want him to talk, but said he plans to expose everything she has done over the years.


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It will be interesting to see if the courts put a gag order on David as the case plays out, but it sounds like he plans to dish all the dirt he can on his ex after their separation. Jenelle spent years defending David from accusations that arose against him, so it remains to be seen what dirt he might have on her.

David also reportedly killed another of the family dogs. He shot and killed one a few years back, and Jenelle defended him in that case. However, this time he ran over another one and killed it in front of his daughter. Jenelle brought up the previous death when talking about this latest incident. Whatever happens in the case, it sounds like Jenelle Evans and David Eason have a lot to say about each other.

What are your thoughts on Jenelle Evans’ accusations toward David Eason? Do you think things will end well for either of them after this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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