Why Did ‘The Conners’ Lose Time Slot, Get Moved?

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Why did The Conners lose its time slot and get moved so close to the end of Season 6? There are just a handful of episodes left yet the show had been moved back much later. So, what is the reason for this switch? Keep reading for more details.

Why Did ‘The Conners’ Lose Time Slot, Get Moved?

The Conners has been a staple on Wednesdays at 8 pm on ABC since Season 5. Prior to that, however, it aired at 9 pm. The move did not really matter much as fans were just happy the show was getting renewed. It was on shaky ground as it started as a Roseanne reboot in 2018. Then, she was fired but the cast and crew were not done just yet. So, the matriarch was killed off and the series was rebranded and has lasted six seasons, bringing back many familiar faces. Now, the show is moving to a brand new time slot.

Sara Gilbert-YouTube
Sara Gilbert-YouTube

It will make the move from 8 pm to 930 pm, still on Wednesday nights but why? According to TV Line, the show just has four more episodes left until the Season 6 finale. More so, due to the writers and SAG-AFTRA strikes, the season was cut to just thirteen episodes. So, fans are getting a lot less of Lanford’s favorite family. That being said, what is the reason for the move? It all has to do with the Jeopardy! Masters Tournament, beginning on May 1st. That is when the time slot change will begin.


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From now on, it will follow behind the highly successful Abbott Elementary, which airs at 9 pm. As of now, The Conners has yet to be renewed for a Season 7. This has kept the cast in limbo so they have had to take additional measures. By now, the cast should have received contracts or been in negotiations, and that allegedly has not happened. Therefore, they are coming in prepared for whatever will happen. An extra ending has been filmed in case Season 6 is the end but clearly, this is not how they would like it to be over.

Fans Are Torn

After the time change for The Conners was announced, fans headed to their Instagram to share their thoughts on what should happen next with the show:

  • I haven’t watched the show since they fired Roseanne. Roseanne made the show, and it’s just dragging on a boring storyline from here on out cancel already.
  • Can we renew the show already for a 7th season.
  • I miss Roseanne still she definitely brought the best humor

It is coming down to the wire so anything can happen. Hopefully, it will get one more season, which would likely be the last but one never knows.

Are you bummed about the time change or do you understand it? More so, do you want The Conners back for one more season? Let us know and watch the final four episodes Wednesdays at 930 pm on ABC and streaming on Hulu.

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