‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Denied Boob Job, Why?

Kailyn Lowry-YouTube

Former Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry was recently denied a boob job but what was the cause of that? She has long wanted a breast reduction and has been quite candid about this. Now, she is finally ready for this procedure but it is not happening anytime soon. Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry Denied Boob Job, Why?

Kailyn Lowry is no stranger to plastic surgery but she then went to have more children, particularly three in one year. She gave birth to her son, Rio in November 2022 then, within months, Kailyn and her partner, Elijah Scott got a shock. They learned that they were expecting twins, a boy, and a girl. Though Kailyn looks amazing for now having seven children, six boys and one daughter, she still has some insecurities. Therefore, she has no problem going under the knife again and this time, it is for a boob job.

Kailyn Lowry-YouTube
Kailyn Lowry-YouTube

According to Us Weekly, the Teen Mom star has started the process of meeting with doctors so that she can get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, much to Kailyn’s dismay, she will have to put in some work before this can happen as she was denied the surgery. She spoke out about what happened on the May 17th episode of her Barely Famous podcast.

“I want to get a boob job, right? I call around. I’m making these consultations to get a boob job. You know what they told me? They told me I need to lose 40 pounds. So 40 or 50 pounds, more like 50 but maybe get away with 40 pounds, before they can even operate on me. That was extremely humbling.”

@kaillowry What they actually said was my BMI is entirely too high to operate 🥲 so when I did the math it comes down to needing to lose between 40-50 lbs 🫠 listen to my unhinged solo episode of #barelyfamouspodcast 💙 out now on Spotify, Apple and anywhere you listen to your pods 🎧 #kaillowry #kailandthechaos #barelyfamous ♬ original sound – Kailyn Lowry

That being said, how is the podcaster going to move ahead so that she can get the surgery? Kailyn Lowry admitted that she has two gym memberships but she has become somewhat lax lately. Then, when she learned that she had to drop this weight for the surgery, she was a tad broken:

“I’ve been wanting to do this breast reduction, implants, lift, whatever it is. She was like, ‘Do you still want to schedule this?’ I’m literally sobbing. Already the water works have started.”

Despite the news that she received, Kailyn has opted to still attend a consultation. This is mainly so she can see what she will have to spend. However, Kail is unclear if she will even go through with it, especially since she was also planning to get her chin done, as well.

Health First

After Kailyn Lowry’s fans learned about her having to drop weight for the surgery, they felt her health was of utmost importance. More so, they appreciated how the doctor was honest and transparent with the mother of seven:

  • At least somebody gave you good advice. Some of these doctors will operate and it’s a dangerous situation.
  • Health is so important when you have so many children, I have 6 and after my 6th baby I managed to lose 5 stone because I just thought, my kids deserve the best me

Hopefully, she takes the doctor’s advice seriously. That way, if she really wants these procedures, she can get them done in a safe manner.

Are you shocked that Kailyn was told to drop that much weight to have her boobs done? Or, is it better to be safe than sorry? Let us know in the comments below.

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