‘Teen Mom’ Fans Demand Catelynn Lowell Stop Exploiting Carly

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Teen Mom fans are demanding that Catelynn Lowell stop exploiting their teenage daughter, Carly whom they gave up for adoption. Catelyn and her husband, Tyler Baltierra were teens themselves when they had her but they opted for an open adoption. Now, some things have changed and they are not seeing their firstborn as they would have hoped. So, why are show fans frustrated? Keep reading for more details.

Teen Mom Fans Demand Catelynn Lowell Stop Exploiting Carly

It has been fifteen years since Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were on 16 & Pregnant. They were pregnant teens and welcomed a daughter who was adopted by Brandon and Teresa Davis. It was open so they were able to get updates and see the little girl named Carly which was documented on the spinoff, Teen Mom. As time went by, Tyler and Catelynn had three more daughters and even got married, a wedding that Carly and her adoptive parents attended. Unfortunately, things have gotten strange somehow and they are not able to see Carly at this point in time.

Tyler Baltierra, Catelynn Lowell-Instagram
Tyler Baltierra, Catelynn Lowell-Instagram

Tyler and Catelynn are taking it very hard, especially since she just turned fifteen. They expressed their frustration and sadness on social media. Catelynn even shared a photo of her, Tyler, Carly, and their three girls, Nova, Rya, and Vaeda from behind as a tribute to her birthday on Instagram. Carly is holding one of her little sisters while holding Nova’s hand.


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In the comment section, one fan suggested that maybe Brandon and Teresa do not want Carly around the couple now that Tyler has an OnlyFans. Others felt that Catelynn needed to give Carly her privacy while another added this:

  • Ya’ll so unhinged ever consider it’s Carlys choice? Or they should stop bad mouthing the people who raised her?

Some agreed the Teen Mom couple needed to stop speaking poorly about Brandon and Teresa at this point because it was not helping them. They also thought comments should have been turned off on the birthday post.

All About Catelynn

Over on Reddit, Teen Mom fans believed that Catelynn Lowell did not even really care about Carly and her feelings. Rather, it was all about Catelynn and how she felt which was offputting. Plus, doing all of this in a public forum was the icing on the cake:

  • Carly is just an idea to C&T at this point.
  • Hopefully this birthday she also decided to send a card or gift, instead of just posting on the internet.
  • Once again using her sm as a journal. 🙄
  • Why can’t they just stop talking about her publicly? This is nuts.
  • “I want” “I wish” “I wonder” Damn Cate, make it all about you.
  • Happy Birthday….now lets make it all about me

It seems that if Catelynn keeps going this way, she could risk losing any and all contact with Carly. Hopefully, for her sake, it won’t come to that but this is a sad situation all around.

Do you think that Catelynn is exploiting Carly or does she not know how to handle her emotions in a private manner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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