‘The Conners’ John Goodman’s 200-Lb Weight Loss Shocks Fans

John Goodman - YouTube/Good Morning America

John Goodman has shocked fans after revealing his amazing weight loss transformation. The Conners star made an appearance in New York City and has wowed everyone with his new look. Keep reading to see what he has revealed about his weight loss process.

Fans Spot John Goodman In NYC

Goodman was spotted with his wife, Anna Beth, at JFK airport on Tuesday. The couple was arriving in NYC. He was wearing a baggy blue shirt with a green jacket on top. The sitcom star wore it with large khaki pants and tan slip-on shoes.

The Conners star had a brown leather bag over his shoulder, while his wife pushed a pink piece of luggage.

His hair was a bit matted down to his head, and he looked tired from traveling. Some people pointed out that John Goodman didn’t look happy to be at the airport (but who does).

John Goodman - YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live
YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

A day later, Goodman was spotted again in Manhattan. He had on the same jacket and blur shirt, but he had changed out the khakis for a nice pair of blue jeans. The sitcom star stopped to sign several autographs and, as he paused, it was clear what a significant weight loss transformation he’s undergone.

How Much Weight Has The Conners Star Lost?

Before he dedicated himself to his weight loss, John Goodman weighed 400 pounds. Now, he’s down to about 200 pounds and looks like a completely different person. Here’s a look at a before and after.

John Goodman Before/After - YouTube

In 2021, John Goodman made one of his first appearances since he started losing weight. He walked the red carpet at the premiere of the animated series The Freak Brothers, which airs on Tubi.

When he first got started, he opened up about his approach to weight loss. At the time, he admitted that he used to lose about 60 to 70 pounds every three or four months. Then, he’d go back to the way he was eating before and would gain the weight back.

The Big Lebowski star said that he started to overhaul his life in 2017 and that’s when he started losing weight. After being sober for 10 years, he decided to start focusing on exercising more. Following that change, he adopted a Mediterranean diet. Eventually, John Goodman hired his own personal trainer and set a goal for himself to reach 10,000 steps a day.

Although his weight has gone up and down over the years, it seems like he finally got the hang of keeping it off. After his 200-lb. weight loss, he is barely recognizable from some of his biggest roles, like Roseanne and cult classic The Big Lebowski. 

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