‘The Conners’ Season 5 Introduces Original ‘Roseanne’ Character

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ABC’s The Conners Season 4 wrapped up by May 18, 2022, and ever since fans have wondered when the next season arrives. ABC confirmed that the series was renewed for a fifth season and is scheduled to premiere on September 21, 2022. But that isn’t just the only interesting news for fans. The series is about to introduce some changes to the cast.

DJ Conner AKA Michael Fishman Bids Adieu To The Conners

As per Comicbook, the series is bringing back the OG cast from Roseanne. Earlier it was revealed that The Conners is bidding adieu to Michael Fishman before it enters Season 5. This ends his stint as DJ Conner which started with Roseanne in 1988. Although Fishman will no more be a part of the sequel, it has been revealed that a big name from the original series will be a part of the upcoming season of The Conners.

The Conners ABC YouTube

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The show’s executive producers Dave Caplan and Bruce Helford recently confirmed that a Roseanne character is definitely coming to the series this fall. However, they didn’t reveal the name yet and which character they would play.

The Conners Execs Reveal Introduction Of A New Character

During the conversation, Helford teased, “I can’t reveal it, but there is someone coming from years’ past. It was a very memorable appearance when this person was there, and this person is coming back.”

“I think people are going to be very surprised and go, ‘Oh s**!’ It’s someone who will very much be remembered from the previous show,” he further explained.

Caplan also chimed in explaining the new character as he said, “one that the true fans are really going to appreciate.” The Conners ABC YouTube

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This has made the introduction of the new character even more mysterious for the fans. Roseanne had a good 10-year run during the 80s & 90s. The series lasted for 200+ episodes introducing several characters that went on to become popular among fans. Trying to narrow down who would be a part of the sequel is very difficult.

Fishman Thanks Fans For Their Love & Gratitude

Fishman’s exit news last month took fans by surprise. The actor even released a statement confirming his exit & expressing his gratitude for the love he received over the past four seasons of The Conners. In his statement, Fishman mentioned, “It has been my honor to play D.J. Conner. It’s every actors dream to be a series regular, especially on a groundbreaking show, where we tackle significant topics. The opportunity to do comedy & drama alongside iconic castmates, while reaching fans in meaningful ways has profoundly impacted my life.”

The Conners ABC YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The Conners first premiered on October 16, 2018, after Roseanne was canceled in May 2018. Roseanne was canceled following controversial comments by Roseanne’s star Roseanne Barr on Twitter.

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