‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Nick Davis’ Potential Wife Jasmine Has Echoism?

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Seeking Sister Wife fans think that Jasmine, the potential wife of Nick Davis might have echoisim. Either that or they believe she’s giving off grifter vibes. Read on to find out what echosim is and why TLC fans suspect something is off with her.

Nick Davis Family Gets Strange Vibes From Jasmine

Nick already had three women in his life. In Season 4 on TLC, April and Jennifer welcomed a third person to the family, Danielle. She seemed like a good fit, and initially, Jasmine also seemed right. However, things started slip-sliding when Jasmine suggested they play a game of “Three Questions” in the hot tub. So, they wondered if she was the right fit, after all.

Seeking Sister Wife - Nick Davis Family Before Jasmine -TLC
Seeking Sister Wife – Nick Davis Family Before Jasmine -TLC

Nick Davis has some complications with Danielle who was the first to resist Jasmine’s entry. However, she’s still quite new to polygamy, While she ended up leaving for a bit, she came back, and she seemed unhappy about the next wife on the roster. Did she sense something was off with Jasmine like TLC fans do?

Jasmine Has Echoism?

On Reddit, a Seeking Sister Wife fan suspected that Jasmine has “echoism” In the caption of their post, they wrote:

I think Jasmine has echoism. Echoism is characterized by an excessive tendency to mirror or mimic others’ behaviors, mannerisms, and opinions to gain approval or to be liked, often at the expense of one’s own identity and sense of purpose. During her meeting with Nick’s “wives”, it was obvious that she was telling them what she thought they wanted to hear, but her personality and the way in which she spoke completely changed when she met Nick. She mirrored the way he speaks while with him, but sounded completely different with his “wives”…

A romantic date on Seeking Sister Wife - TLC date
A romantic date on Seeking Sister Wife – TLC date

In the comments section, other TLC fans also picked up the way Nick Davis’s new love interest seems to “mirror” people. Echoism, per Healthline, is a newly described condition, and it’s the “far end of the narcissism spectrum.” They need to please people to feel valued. Mirroring behaviors can make people feel a liking for them.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Discuss Jasmine

Not everyone thinks that “echoism” is the right word to describe Jasmine. Some of them think that the new woman in Nick Davis’ family might be a grifter. Here are some of those opinions:

  • Mirroring is also something a con artist does. Matching his cadence and word salad was Comedy Gold. 🍿
  • I said this on another post yesterday. She is mirroring them.
  • I think she’s a grifter, but not a good one. I also think she’s a sex-worker, and that’s not to shade to sex-workers, they’re out here doing the Lord’s work.
  • I think she just does what gets her attention. Imitation is a way of flattering some people, too. I think she’s just being weasely.

What are your thoughts about the way Nick Davis’ possible new wife mirrors the person that she is talking to? Did you notice that? Do you agree that she might have echoism? Or, is she giving grifter vibes? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Seeking Sister Wife news.

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