‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Fans Label April Davis ‘Cult’ Leader

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Seeking Sister Wife fans have labeled April Davis the “cult” leader of the family but what has made them say this? She appeared to be very welcoming to the other two wives, Jennifer and Danielle yet is there more to her? Keep reading for all of the details.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Label April Davis ‘Cult’ Leader

April Davis was the first “wife” of Nick Davis and they had been together around a decade before they opened up their relationship. That was when April met Jennifer, they clicked, and she fell for Nick, so the women tied the knot, taking the “Davis” last name. A few years later, when Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife began, they started courting Danielle, who was “green” to this lifestyle. However, she loved the family so much and really cared for April, Jennifer, and Nick so she “married” them. Unfortunately, shortly after they wed, the Davis family was ready to start looking for a fourth wife.

April, Danielle, Nick, Jennifer Davis-Instagram
April, Danielle, Nick, Jennifer Davis-Instagram

This was not something that Danielle wanted as she wanted to enjoy married life and being a first-time mom. Jennifer had just welcomed a daughter so there was a lot to savor. Danielle left the relationship but did come back with April claiming she loved her more than bringing a new person in. Fans do not believe April for one second and started a Reddit thread, with the OP saying this:

  • April’s a snake. She is he**-bent on manipulating Daniele (who is young and emotionally vulnerable) into saying “yes” to her demands. You can always tell when Daniele is having her arm twisted by April because she nods, says the word “yeah” constantly, and has an uncomfortable look on her face.

So, did Seeking Sister Wife fans agree with this assessment?

  • April is the leader of the cult.
  • The way she wants Danielle to promise she won’t ever leave again is creepy.
  • April is Head Wife. It’s her job to recruit new wives, groom and pimp the current ones to Nick when he wants.

The Truth Of The Matter

One person noted that the hardest part of this whole thing is that Danielle Davis is expected to marry the fourth wife. The Seeking Sister Wife star would do what April and Jennifer Davis did to keep the family united which she may not be ready or open to. At this point, she is just twenty-four and that is not what she is looking for. She was okay with being a third wife but is still adjusting to that lifestyle. Though she says she will stay with the family and April promises they will wait to bring someone new in, it is hard to tell if she is being genuine.

Do you believe that April is like a cult leader of the family or does she just do what Nick tells her to do? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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