Fans Deem Nick Davis Only Successful ‘SSW’ Polygamist

Nick Davis-YouTube

Fans have deemed Nick Davis the only successful Seeking Sister Wife polygamist but what is their reasoning? He has three wives and is on the prowl for more but one is not so keen on this. So, what makes his family so successful? Keep reading for more details.

Fans Deem Nick Davis Only Successful SSW Polygamist

When the Davis family started in Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife, viewers were perplexed by them for many reasons. First off, the two sister wives, April and Jennifer, had legally married each other and then taken Nick’s last name. This was a way they could all be united as one. Then, the women were the breadwinners while Nick was a stay-at-home dad to April’s teenage son. He claimed his job was to be a thinker so the household roles were reversed.

April Davis, Nick Davis, Jennifer Davis-Instagram
April Davis, Nick Davis, Jennifer Davis-Instagram

Then, they met Danielle who had never been in a plural relationship, and started to court her. By the end of Season 4, they tied the knot. Now, in Season 5, they have a new baby thanks to Jennifer, and are looking for wife number four. However, Danielle does not like this as she did not feel she had time to adjust to the new family dynamic so she left but returned.

April Davis, Jennifer Davis, Nick Davis, Dannielle Davis-YouTube
April Davis, Jennifer Davis, Nick Davis, Dannielle Davis-YouTube

Still, fans think that Nick is the most successful man on the show and they started a Reddit thread to share why:

  • I’m not sure how Nick has pulled off this family setup but he’s figured out the formula to a successful polygamist marriage is a wife who is 100% on board, another who is 100% on board and a third who’s down. We should all aspire to be Nick Level Thinkers

Did others agree with this assessment?

  • Better than those creepers stalking that girls house…
  • I think it’s because he cooks, cleans, and takes care of kids. All of the other men want multiple women so they can be lazy pieces of 💩
  • It seems like the key is that everyone genuinely loves every member of the family equally.

Competition & Creepy Co-Stars

One Redditor did note that Nick Davis has competition with Seeking Sister Wife alum Colton Winder. He has managed to keep both wives and they have a plethora of children. Fans loved them and were upset when TLC went in a different direction with the show. Therefore, they did not return in Season 4. Then, another follower added how Nick is way better than Justin Ryan who drove to see a woman after she specifically told him not to. In the end, Nick and his wives all seem to share an equal love and that is what matters.

Do you think Nick is a good example in the Seeking Sister Wife world? Let us know and watch Mondays on TLC.

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