‘Seeking Sister Wife’ The Davis Family Ready For Wife #4?

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Are the Davis family from Seeking Sister Wife ready to add wife number four into the mix? They successfully welcomed wife number three in Season 4 but is there room for another? Read on for more details on the family’s upcoming plans.

Seeking Sister Wife The Davis Family Ready For Wife #4?

The Davis family joined Seeking Sister Wife in Season 4 and had a very interesting dynamic. April and Nick had been together for over a decade. Then they met Jennifer and it just clicked to the point they wanted to add her to the family. More so, she wanted to be a part of their dynamic, as well. Yet, because the three of them could not legally wed, Jennifer and April married each other but took Nick’s last name. April also brought a young son with her into the marriage which Nick raised from a baby. However, they wanted to keep adding more wives.

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They met Danielle and she seemed to mesh well with all of them. Of course, they did worry if she was too green to be a part of their family as this was all new to her. She had never been involved in polygamy. Yet, it all worked amazingly well and by the season finale, they all tied the knot. Plus, Jennifer shared she was expecting a baby so the family was getting even bigger. Now, with Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife filming, are they looking to find a new wife? It appears so.

April, Danielle, Nick, Jennifer Davis-Instagram
April, Danielle, Nick, Jennifer Davis-Instagram

According to Starcasm, the family uploaded a message to their Instagram stories. It read: “There’s Always Room For One More.” There was also the hashtags #ladies and #dating. So, either they are putting out a memo that they are looking for someone new to date or they are letting the world know where they are at. It has been a little over a year since they wed Danielle. They were with Jennifer for four years before Danielle entered the picture.

Who’s Not Returning

It is unclear who will be a part of Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife. At this point, the Davis family seems to be a great contender to return. However, one couple that will not be back for sure is the Joneses. Tosha and Sidian Jones came in and tried really hard in Season 3. In Season 4, they met Arielle and that was a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, they ended that courtship after filming wrapped. Tosha later confirmed she and Sidian would not be on it though the reason was unknown.

Would you like to see the Davis family back for another season? More so, should they add another wife? Let us know in the comments below.

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