Jenelle Evans Knows David Eason’s Dirty Secrets, Fears For Life?

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It seems as if Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans finally realized that MTV fans were not wrong about David Eason and now she fears that because she knows his secrets, she might be in danger. For years, fans told her to run from him, as she’d hinted at allegedly violent behavior in the past.

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Defended David

For a long time, the MTV alum defended her husband against critics. No matter what rumors were going around, she stood up for him. While fans thought he was a giant man with a monster temper, she smoothed the waves each time they fought. However, after Jace ran away and accused David of assault, they finally separated.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason-Instagram
Jenelle Evans and David Eason – Instagram

Jenelle Evans applied for a no-contact order against David who lives on one of their boats. Suddenly, she seems to have turned around completely and seen a dark side to him. These days, the Teen Mom alum is not standing up for him. In fact, she seems to be terrified of him. Mostly, she fears his access to firearms. Recently, she claimed that he took her registered firearms and is threatening to use them.

David Eason Makes His Estranged Wife Feel Afraid?

Teen Mom fans on Reddit discussed some screenshots from a Q&A. Encouraged to spill everything about David, she seemed reluctant. The MTV alum said:

Not the right time but also I’m scared and feel like my life would be on the line…There’s a huge investigation going on so I can’t comment much at the moment…What I’m really scared about is the way he talks about people he hates if you know him personally…For example, threatening his baby mamas life for years to me in pivate. Controlling, demanding, selfish spoiled brat…list is endless.


Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Is Afraid Of David Eason - Instagram via Reddit
Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Is Afraid Of David Eason – Instagram via Reddit

On  Reddit, the discussion about Jenelle Evans and David Eason started when the OP asked:

Jenelle says David is capable of murder?

Teen Mom fans seem unimpressed by the MTV alum claiming at this late stage, that her estranged husband scares her. After all, she defended him diligently against “haters” for such a long time. Here are some reactions:

  • ..She has relentlessly dragged her own mother through the mud when barb has been calling him out since day 1. I have absolutely zero sympathy for this woman, so her trying to play the victim now is just not going to work.
  • I f–king hate Jenelle. She put her kids in danger for YEARS and gaslit the f–k out of Jace when he knew David was a bad person, a sociopath who threatened to kill other women, just because she’s too afraid to be on her own. 
  • I think she’s worse than he is. Not only for allowing it, supporting it and sometimes actively encouraging it, but turning around and smugly defending him all these years. Even when Jace and Kaiser literally told her they were afraid of him.

What are your thoughts about Jenelle Evans fearing for her life? Do you believe that David Eason is capable of murder? Would you feel the same way if you crossed him? Sound off in the comments below and come back here for all your Teen Mom news.

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  1. unfortunately she is that in cycle where she feels like if I stay he will change and everything will be fine but in reality its not okay. she is putting her innocent children in harms way and they don’t need to live like that. it’s not healthy. they need a safe,loving, and healthy environment. I pray she would get herself some counseling and counseling for her kids if they are the age they can truly understand everything. my heart breaks for her kids!

  2. everybody wants to bash Jenelle for just wa ting to be loved. after watching her on teen mom. yes she did not make good choices at all in life or boy friends. we can’t help who we’re attracted too. & they always tell us WHT we want to hear. thts why we always go back to them. I’m not a big Janelle fan. I just get how she thinks & what any woman would want is for. man to love them. since he wants to live on there boat she should let him pay her back for it & let him have it. so he will.leave her alone.

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