Janelle Brown ‘Not Herself,’ Makes Promise After Garrison’s Death

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is “not herself” after her son, Garrison Brown passed away. Yet, she has made a promise since this tragic event has happened. So, what is going on with the former sister wife, and what is the promise that she has made? Keep reading for more details.

Janelle Brown ‘Not Herself’

Garrison Brown died in early March 2024 due to an apparent gunshot wound though it is still under investigation. The texts have since been released between him and his friends and family, including mother, Janelle Brown. It was clear that she knew he had some issues and he even noted that she worried about suicide. Additionally, he claimed that he had given his firearms to his brother, Gabriel Brown who would be the one to find him. Now, over a month later, Janelle is not doing well at all.

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According to The Sun, Janelle did talk to the police about her son’s mental health. She said she “should have gotten Garrison help in the past.” As for how she is faring, an insider noted she is not doing well by any means:

“Janelle’s heartbroken. She’s completely destroyed. She is grieving and mourning his loss privately without sharing her struggles so much with her fans. Janelle doesn’t have a big community of people in her world unless she’s with her family, so it is good that her fans are really supportive. People are worried about her. She’s not herself and obviously, it will take some time to process and heal.”

Photos and different images from Garrison’s military memorial service were leaked so Janelle Brown took matters into her own hands. She shared her own snaps from the day as well as when she received his flag.


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His family was there including his estranged father, Kody Brown, and his wife, Robyn Brown. Kody’s former wives, Christine Brown Woolley and Meri Brown were also in attendance as were many of Garrison’s siblings. He was immensely close to about a dozen of them as well as Christine.

Making Promises

After Garrison Brown seemingly took his own life, Janelle Brown made some new promises. She’s making her kids her sole priority which has been her way for many years. However, it is even more essential after what happened to Garrison. One insider noted: “She’s spending more time on checking in with each kid as much as possible physically.” Janelle has been in North Carolina with Maddie Brown Brush and her three children. Then, she enjoyed the eclipse with her son, Logan Brown, and his wife, Michelle Petty. Kody Brown is also struggling after the passing of Garrison which is hindering his marriage.

Do you think that spending more time with her children will help Janelle heal some? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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