‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Shares Rare Kody & Garrison Pic

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, Instagram

Sister Wives fans know that the late Garrison Brown had a very difficult relationship with his father, Kody. In fact, their feud was a focal point last season. Janelle and Christine Brown wished Kody would spend more time with his children, but they couldn’t seem to coax him away from Robyn’s family.

Now that Garrison has passed away, many family members are sharing tributes and fond memories of him. On Garrison’s birthday, Christine shared a photo, fondly reflecting on the happier times they shared together.

Christine Brown Shares A Photo Of Kody & Garrison Together

On April 10, 2024, Garrison Brown would have celebrated his 26th birthday. It was an incredibly difficult occasion for the family as they learn to navigate many “firsts” without him.

The Brown family from Christine Brown's Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Christine honored Garrison by sharing several throwback photos of happy moments with the family.

Yesterday was Garrison’s birthday. Gosh. It was just too hard to post. So many good times, so many memories…not enough though,” Christine shared on Instagram. ‘‘Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning. ‘Lo they do call to me. They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever.’ #alwaysmissyou #loveyou #happybirthday”

The Sister Wives star attached several photos of Garrison growing up. Her own son Paedon is with him in many of the photos, indicating the boys were quite close.

But what many fans were surprised to see was one photo in particular featuring Kody Brown. Garrison, Gabriel, Dayton, and Kody are all together in the photo and actually appear quite happy.

As Sister Wives fans know, it happy occasions with Kody and his sons were rare and often fleeting.

Christine Brown's Instagram post, Kody Brown, Gabe Brown, Dayton Brown, and Garrison Brown
Christine Brown/Instagram

Christine’s Instagram followers wrote:

  • “Including Kody in this tribute to Garrison…you’re a class act all the way, Christine. ❤️”
  • “My heart hurts for you guys I can’t imagine losing my brother or son 🙁 I wish he was still here”
  • “That’s a great one of Kody with his boys”
  • “Praying for all of you. I genuinely hope this will bring your family together, Kody, too. 💙🙏🏻”

Other Instagram Users Are Angry With The Photo

Although the comments on Christine’s post were mostly positive, many felt surprised to see Kody included. A few wrote comments such as:

  • “My anger at kody is garrison deserved a father who supported his boys emotionally. I can’t get past it 😢”
  • Not a fan of Kody in the picture! He was not a good dad”
  • “Oh Christine, why in God’s name did you include a picture of Kody? He ruins everything.”

What did you think of the photo of Kody and Garrison together? Did you think it was kind of Christine to include Kody in the tribute, or do you wish she would have left it out? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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