Janelle Brown Finally Says What Fans Have Wanted To Hear?

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from YouTube

It’s been over a month since Garrison Brown took his own life. But even still, many Sister Wives fans are worried about Janelle Brown. Losing a child is one of the most painful situations imaginable. Janelle’s fans are concerned and want to ensure she’s taking care of herself amid the horrific circumstances.

On social media, the TLC star revealed she’s been spending quite a bit of time with her children. She even traveled to North Carolina to visit her daughter Maddie Brush’s family.

But as for her relationship with Kody Brown, fans are convinced that’s over for good. Read on to see what she had to say.

Fans Think Janelle Brown Is Truly Finished With Her Ex

Amid Garrison Brown’s tragic death, the Brown family has been in the press quite a bit lately. Recently, one Reddit user shared information from one article and thought it had positive information about Janelle Brown.

Janelle Brown, Logan Brown, and Michelle Petty Brown, from Janelle's Instagram page
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“It sounds like Janelle is done with Kody for good,” a Redditor revealed on the platform recently. They went on to quote from an article from The Sun that said Janelle Brown’s first priority is her children and pets. The Redditor said they believed Mykelti Brown Padron was probably the source.

“I know she’s going to spend her life focusing on her kids,” a sourced reportedly shared with The Sun. “There will be no more bulls**t. Wherever her kids go is where Janelle will go – she’s already made it clear. She’s spending more time on checking in with each kid as much as possible physically.”


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The Sun also reported Kody Brown is “putting up a wall and internalizing his feelings.” He allegedly just wants to focus on his own mental health and well-being right now. The source also shared the family patriarch acted awkward and “standoffish” at Garrison’s memorial service. He only sat near Janelle when Robyn Brown pressed him to do so.

The OP concluded their post by saying they’re positive Mykelti is the source so she can make more content for her Patreon.

Other Redditors React To The OP’s Assessment

While some Reddit users pointed out The Sun isn’t always the most credible source, others thought this particular article made a lot of sense. Comments included:

  • “Janelle is actually the whole package in many ways — loyal wife, loving and doting mother, dedicated professional who doesn’t mind a good days work. Of course Kody never saw it and did not appreciate her.”
  • “The biggest indicator to me that Janelle and Kody were truly done is that they didn’t sit next to each other at Garrison’s memorial service. Instead, Janelle had one of her sons in the seat next to her and Kody sat with his one true wife, Robyn. If they don’t even sit next to each other to mourn the child they shared together, there’s nothing good left between them.”
  • “Janelle is so level headed and wise. Her life no longer has a place for Kody in it.”

What do you think about the situation? Is Janelle Brown done with Kody for good? Share what’s on your mind in the comments.

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  1. “He allegedly just wants to focus on his own mental health and well-being right now.” Of course Kody is and always will be all about Kody. Not wanting to focus on anyone else’s mental health or well-being, just Kody’s.

    1. If he put his surviving children FIRST, he would improve his own mental health. I’m furious he won’t because that would be admitting he was wrong. He would need to respect his children. He would further need to admit “respect over love” isn’t where it’s at in reality.

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