‘Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown Gives Big Update Amid Brother’s Death

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Sister Wives star Maddie Brown provided fans with a big update about her life amid the death of her brother Garrison. It goes without saying that the entire Brown family has been struggling to cope with the devastating loss. Slowly but surely, each of them is trying to achieve their new normal. Maddie Brown shared how she’s starting to do that for herself. Continue reading to see the update she shared with her followers on social media.

Janelle & Maddie Brown Spend Easter Together

Over the weekend, Janelle Brown shared that she spent Easter with her daughter Maddie and her family in North Carolina. She shared a couple of candid shots of her grandkids and daughter on the NC beach.

In the caption, the Sister Wives star wrote, “Happy Easter everyone! I have been even more grateful for my faith this year. The remembrance of the Savior and His gift of eternal life.”

Janelle Brown's snapshot of Maddie Brush and family - Instagram
Instagram/Janelle Brown

She continued, “We opted for the NC beach today. We were able to stream the service from Maddie’s church at home as we just didn’t feel like fighting the crowd. The weather was beautiful and the kites flew easily.”

Fans expressed how happy they were to see Janelle spending time with her daughter and keeping her faith strong. Now, Maddie has taken to Instagram to share her own update.

Sister Wives Star Gets Back To A New Normal

On Tuesday, the Sister Wives star shared a selfie on her Instagram Story. On the photo, Maddie wrote, “First day back running. Glad I went,” along with a blue heart emoji.

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Instagram/Madison Brush

It seems like Maddie is getting back into a routine after going through such a devastating loss. In a recent Instagram post, she opened up about stepping back into the “rhythm of normal life” after being impacted by something as tragic as a suicide in the family.

She posted a video with a long caption about speaking with a friend who has also been “intimately touched by the tragedy of suicide.” The Sister Wives star then said that it felt “surreal” to be getting back to normal everyday things. Maddie wrote that she was “observing others engaged in their everyday routines while my mind remains consumed with thoughts of Garrison.”

The caption went on to say, “the shadow of such a loss lingers for months.” Maddie said that she isn’t “naive” to the fact that there won’t be any return to “normal” again, but she’s ready to step back into the “new normalcy.”

Followers in the comment section urged Maddie Brown to not stop talking about Garrison and to keep his spirit alive. Many also recommended that she find solace in therapy and “outside sources” to help her deal with the immense loss.

Garrison Brown died on March 4 due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He is survived by his mother, Janelle Brown, and father, Kody Brown, as well as his 18 siblings and countless fans and friends.

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