Kody & Robyn Brown Knew Each Other Before ‘Chance’ Meeting?

Kody and Robyn Brown - Sister Wives

Recently, Sister Wives fans started to piece together some clues that point to Kody and Robyn Brown knowing each other sooner than the show discusses. Although they supposedly saw each other in a “chance” encounter, now fans think that wasn’t the case.

Kody And Robyn Brown’s Chance Meeting

As the story goes, Kody and Robyn Brown first met when Robyn was visiting her cousin, Reba. At the time, Reba went to the Brown’s church. During Robyn’s visit, she remembers having an embarrassing response when seeing Kody. She explains, “I’m not exaggerating when I say I felt as though I’d been shot through with a bolt of lightning.” Furthermore, Robyn writes how the encounter stuns her. However, some Sister Wives fans aren’t buying this storyline.

Kody Brown And Robyn Courtship Sister Wives TLC
Kody Brown And Robyn Courtship – Sister Wives TLC

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans discuss information about Kody and Robyn Brown’s initial meeting. In a thread, one user leads by saying, “Kody knew Robyn before.” Further adding, “Apparently Robyn was married to a cousin of a cousin of Kody? True? Could this relationship possibly been going on for years? He always had her in his radar?” Unmistakably, things are a bit tangled in the family tree. Robyn’s first husband was David Preston Jessop. Reportedly, David is Christine Brown’s first cousin. Additionally, he is also a third cousin of Kody.

David Jessop - Instagram
David Jessop – Instagram

Other Fans Discuss Kody And Robyn Brown’s Initial Meeting

In addition to the Reddit user mentioning the topic, several other Sister Wives fans weigh in on the discussion. Many of the commenters recognize the intertwining nature of plural families, not just Kody and Robyn Brown’s family.

  • Jokingly, one references a comedian’s point of view. Saying, “And janelle was married to meris brother. As Jeff foxworthy used to say if you go to a family reunion to meet women… You might be a redneck.”
  • Someone else remembers, “He’s first cousin to Christine and third to Kody.”
  • “There is wayyyyyy too much in- breeding going on. 😝.”
  • “They are a small community of big families so many connections (plus they have more half-sibs than standard folks). This isn’t notable for their community.”

Kody And Robyn Brown Could Have Easily Bypassed One Another

With the small circles that the plural families run in, it is easy to speculate there could have been earlier ties between Kody and Robyn Brown. However, one fan makes a very good point on Reddit that with large polygamist families in the area, not recognizing a cousin is pretty common.

  • “I want to be fair about it because having investigated our family history because, on my mom’s side, we have a lot of distant cousins we’ve never met and would never have known about if I wasn’t putting together a family tree. You could be living around or working with distant cousins you are unaware of, passing them in the grocery store and so on. If you’re completely unaware and you’re not getting a DNA test, there is a good chance of marrying a distant cousin and never know.”

Kody knew Robyn before?
byu/Rosanna44 inSisterWivesFans

  • Then the same user also points out that most of Kody and Robyn Brown’s family make their connections through other family members. “Except for maybe Tony, it seems like mostly everyone they bring on the show that’s associated with the Browns are related either by blood, family friends, or marriage. I mean… I think it was discovered that Aspyn and her husband are distant cousins. Sister Wives is definitely a family business.”

What do you think? Do you think that Kody and Robyn Brown are just saying they met at church but had prior involvement? Was there more to it than just the “chance” meeting? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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