‘Sister Wives’ Fans Sick Of Tony’s Bashing Of Christine Brown

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Lately, Sister Wives fans are picking up on Tony Padron bashing his mother-in-law, Christine Brown. While most were tolerant for a time, they are now starting to get sick and tired of the way he talks about her.

Mykelti And Tony Padron Capitalize On Their Opinions

Although the entire Brown family is going through a tough time right now with the loss of Garrison Brown, Mykelti Brown and her husband, Tony Padron are expressing their grief with complaints. Both Mykelti and Tony have continued to be vocal on their Patreon account about disliking how Garrison’s funeral was handled. Currently, this is an area of contention, but both Mykelti and Tony are quick to blast their opinions. Furthermore, the couple is quick to share their thoughts no matter who it affects because it is proving to be a good money maker for them. While no one is off limits, Christine Brown is often getting the brunt end of Tony’s slamming statements.

Tony Padron and Mykelti Brown Padron from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from Instagram
Tony Padron and Mykelti Brown Padron from Sister Wives, TLC, – Instagram

Fans Notice Tony And Christine Brown’s Contentious Relationship

On Reddit, some Sister Wives fans are noticing the frequency of Tony Padron’s pattern of criticizing Christine Brown. Furthermore, one user says, “Is anyone else noticing how hard Tony has been going in on Christine? It’s almost disrespectful to me. Seems like he keeps giving Kody and Robyn unlimited grace but Christine gets the criticism. Was he always this way and I didn’t catch it?” Undeniably, there have been tensions from the beginning since Christine wasn’t immediately excited when Mykelti Brown told her that she and Tony were planning marriage after a short dating period. In many ways, her concern was based on not knowing Tony well enough for such a quick marriage.

Fans See The Developing Trend

Although there has always been a little animosity between Tony Padron and Christine Brown, it just keeps getting more intense. After the initial Reddit question post, several other fans weigh in on the relationship between Tony and Christine.

  • “He’s still salty she didn’t immediately welcome him into the family and realizes her love is unconditional but Kody and Robyn’s isn’t.”
  • “Omg yes! I was going to comment this today too. I know he has beef from when they first met but lately it’s been a bit too much, I feel like something must have happened recently.”
  • “I think so too. Where’s this energy coming from?!”
Christine Brown, David Woolley, Mykelti Brown, Tony Padron, Aspyn Brown, Mitch Thompson, and kids. - Sister Wives - Instagram
Christine Brown, David Woolley, Mykelti Brown, Tony Padron, Aspyn Brown, Mitch Thompson, and kids. – Sister Wives – Instagram

Mykelti Brown Doesn’t Respect Christine Brown

Other fans notice that Mykelti Brown talks disrespectfully to Christine Brown as well. Seemingly, Tony Padron’s stance is fueled by his wife’s trend of disregard for her mom.

  • “Mykelti is disrespectful to her mom sometimes.” Another responds, “I feel like this is how/where Tony is getting it from. If his wife is disrespectful to his MIL then he will too. Jus imagine how their kids will act.”
  • “Mykelti talks to her mom in a similar way. He’s parroting her and being her cronie, it seems like to me. And nobody corrects either one of them. I’d drag my SIL or BIL straight to hell if they spoke to our mother with disrespect.”
  • However, some point out Christine Brown isn’t their only target. Saying, “Tony is odd for sure, but Mykelti is a total moron. And incredibly rude to everyone it seems.”
  • “Mykelti talks to Christine the way Kody talk to Chistine…always with an undertone of mocking or disrespect, even when lovingly ‘joking.'”

Tony and Christine
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What do you think? Is Tony Padron’s way of talking to Christine Brown disrespectful? Are you getting sick of hearing how Mykelti Brown and Tony speak to and about her? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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  1. These two need to stay in their own lane and learn respect. My son’s are 44 and 52 and never speak disrespectful to me. How ignorant are they to criticize how Janelle handled Garrison’s funeral.

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