‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Shares Her Name Change Experience

Christine Brown, Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from Instagram

Since Sister Wives star Christine Brown married David Woolley last year, fans have wondered when she would stop using the name “Brown.”

Some thought that she may keep the name since that’s the name by which the public knows her. However, others thought it was inappropriate to keep Kody’s last name after marrying David.

But it seems that Christine finally got around to legally changing her name. Keep reading to see what she had to say about the experience.

Christine Brown Crosses Off A Huge Milestone In Her Marriage

Christine Brown married David Woolley in a beautiful ceremony about six months ago. Of course, TLC taped the event and aired it for fans. Naturally, Kody Brown seemed incredibly bothered his ex-wife was already remarried. He begrudgingly expressed his congratulations to the happy couple.

Christine Brown and David Woolley, Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Anyone who has gotten married and changed their name knows it can sometimes be quite the process. It seems that Christine never intended to keep the name “Brown.” She just hadn’t quite gotten around to taking all the necessary steps yet.

But now, she’s legally “Christine Woolley.” On Instagram, she goes by “Christine Brown Woolley,” likely for the sake of Sister Wives. She recently shared a video documenting how the process went.

“Car confessions!” the TLC star began her video. “You know it’s amazing what you can get appointments for and get them done so fast.” She went on to detail how simple it was to change her name on her driver’s license and Social Security card by booking appointments with both agencies. Overall, she estimated it took her about 10 minutes to complete both appointments.

Check out the video here:

Fans Can’t Wait To Watch The Newlyweds Explore Married Life

Sister Wives Season 19 is still a long way off, but fans are incredibly excited to explore this new chapter of life with Christine. For the past several seasons, she was incredibly unhappy as her marriage to Kody crumbled around her. Now, fans are delighted to see her fall in love with someone who truly appreciates her.

Many have called for Sister Wives to be restructured or even completely canceled altogether in the wake of Garrison Brown’s tragic death. However, it seems that TLC continued filming the Brown family and intends to produce Season 19. At the time of writing, fans don’t currently know a premiere date for Season 19. Fans hope they will find a tasteful way to cover his passing.

Were you excited to learn that Christine finally changed her last name to Woolley? Are you excited to see David Woolley participate in Sister Wives Season 19 this fall? Share what you think in the comments.

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  1. Christine, and her children were never named “Brown”.
    Christine was never married to Kody.
    Her legal name is her father’s name,and her children as well.
    Same with Janelle and her kids, not Browns. She was never married to Kody.
    Why does “Reality tv” think their viewers are morons?

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