‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Remembers Garrison On Special Day

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As Sister Wives star Janelle Brown copes with grief after losing her son, Garrison Bown, she remembered him on his special day. The TLC star took to social media to share about the young man who died just over a month ago. The Flagstaff Police Department recently ruled that his death was not a homicide and that he lost his life at his own hands, which must break his mom’s heart even more.

TLC Star Janelle Brown Remembers Garrison In So Many Ways

The total eclipse of the sun just happened, and if he hadn’t died, it’s a safe bet to assume Garrison Brown would have been excited about the celestial event. As so many of his photos revealed his talent for photographing the night sky, his mom must have thought of him. The former second wife of Kody Brown spent the day with her son Logan and his wife, Michelle Petty. Of course, they viewed the eclipse and she even smiled for photos afterward.

Garrison Brown's birthday attendees, from Janelle Brown's Instagram, Sister Wives, TLC
Garrison Brown’s birthday attendees, 2023 –  Janelle Brown’s Instagram, Sister Wives, TLC

Two days after the solar eclipse, it would have been Garrison Brown’s 26th birthday. Janelle Brown always posted her love for her son on his birthday. Last year, his mom and siblings all gathered for the celebration, and two years ago, she made his special day fun when she gifted him a giant Lego set. But this year, there are no smiles from him. However, he lives on in her heart and she didn’t forget to share about her boy.

Garrison Brown  Would Have Turned 26 On  April 10

On his birthday, the Sister Wives star shared an old reel on Instagram of her son celebrating his special day. One can only imagine the memories that the TLC star had as she selected the images to honor her lost child. Obviously, she misses him, but she is also a person of faith. So, she still hopes to reunite with him in another life. Hopefully, she takes some comfort from that.

Garrison Brown On A Previous Birthday - Janelle Brown - Instagram
Garrison Brown On A Previous Birthday – Janelle Brown – Instagram

In her caption, Janelle Brown wrote a heartfelt note to her boy. She said:

Happy Birthday Sweetheart. We are missing you terribly today. It’s hard for [me to] believe you aren’t here anymore. We talked a lot about you today and even went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (your favorite place 😀) I still feel you nearby sometimes. And I’m grateful we will see each other again when my journey is completed.

Many TLC fans replied to the bereaved mom. Here are some of their kind thoughts:

  • Happy birthday Garrison. I’m so so sorry for your pain Jennelle.
  • Happy heavenly birthday 💙 sending you so much love and praying for [the] comfort of your broken heart.
  • So terribly sad. Prayers for you and your family. I know your hearts are hurting.
  • My heart aches for you but I hope knowing where he is brings you comfort ❤️

Do you feel bad for Janelle Brown who tries to come to terms with losing her son Garrison Brown? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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