‘Sister Wives’ Police Rule On Garrison Brown’s Cause Of Death

Sister Wives star Garrison Brown - Instagram via ET YouTube

Sister Wives star Garrison Brown died a month ago at the age of 25, and now, Flagstaff Police have made a ruling on the cause of death. Although it appeared that he committed suicde, foul play and other factors still required investigation. Read on to find out what the police concluded after they completed their investigation.

TLC Star Garrison Brown Was Found Dead By His Brother Gabe

When the news of the tragic death arrived, TLC fans felt heartbroken for Gabe Brown who found his brother’s body. The two sons of Kody and Janelle Brown seemed very loyal and close to each other. Soon, Sister Wives fans discovered that the estranged son of Kody had been killed by a gunshot. Probably, billions of tears flowed from the eyes of fans who openly cried on social media.

Garrison Brown and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from YouTube
Garrison Brown and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC – YouTube

Garrison Brown touched the lives of so many people, and an outcry arose against children being in reality TV. Additionally, as he loved rescuing cats, so much money flowed in for the High Country Humane Shelter, that they memorialized him by naming their cat adoption room after him. But, the official police statement on their final ruling hadn’t yet come out.

Sister Wives Star’s Cause Of Death Ruled By Police

This week, The Sun revealed that unfortunately, Janelle’s son had died from “suicide.” Lots of people suspected that was the case, but now it’s official, bar a “[toxicology] report [to] show if there were any drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of death.” 

Janelle Brown Receives folded flag from the National Guard - Instagram via ET YouTube
Janelle Brown Receives folded flag from the National Guard – Instagram via ET YouTube

The outlet cited the Flagstaff Police Department which ruled on the death of the Sister Wives star:

The case it is no longer under investigation and it has been ruled a suicide. The police investigation is closed. There was no foul play and it was not a homicide. [Garrison Brown] took his own life.

Garrison Brown from Instagram
Garrison Brown from Instagram

There might be some alcohol in the tests, but TLC fans half expect that. Friends Tyler, Cheyenne, and Addison roomed with Garrison, and according to Addison, he seemed “intoxicated” the night before he took his life. Additionally, he’d been “depressed,” and drank alcohol daily. Sister Wives fans also heard that before he took his life, Janelle Brown’s son sent out some troubling texts. Later, she regretted not getting him some help with his mental health.

What are your thoughts on the sad news that Garrison Brown’s death was ruled a “suicide” by the Flagstaff Police Department? Sound off in the comments below and come back here for all your Sister Wives news. Remember, if you or anyone you know seems distressed or depressed, you can call the 988 Lifeline 24/7.

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  1. I can’t believe this was concidered a suicide.. no I believe either it was accidental or one of his roommate’s is responsible..he purchased a home,car,cats, he got a job that he liked, this young man had plans!! was he drinking alone in his room or were they drinking together?.. his roommates hear a pop coming from his room and don’t check into it? my deepest condolences to all family members, friends and fans..🫶💚🥺

    1. You never know what is going on in someone else’s mind. Mental Health issues are very serious and real. I went to high school with someone that took his life. So young..He was always cracking jokes and always seemed high on life. He had a girlfriend and he had just bought a new car. He would often talk about college and where he planned to go.. you just never know what people with mental health issues are going through. All of his friends kept asking why he would do this… Only him and God know why. I imagine the same with Garrison. He was obviously hurting in ways most of us would not understand. Peace and love to Garrison, his family and friends.

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