‘Sister Wives’ Fans Call Christine’s Daughter Kody Brown Jr, Why?

Kody Brown, Sister Wives

Recently, Sister Wives fans point out that one of Kody and Christine Brown’s daughters are mimicking some of his behaviors. Likewise, they refer to her as Kody Brown Jr. in one discussion. Without a doubt, it wasn’t fans offering her a compliment.

Kody Brown’s Daughter Irritates Fans

Sadly, the Brown family is in a living nightmare currently. With the shocking loss of Garrison Brown, nothing seems right. Likewise, Sister Wives fans are transitioning through this difficult stage as well. However, there are some things that are irritating which fans can’t overlook. After Garrison’s military funeral, the family pictures show how deeply they are grieving. But some fans find it disturbing that Mykelti Brown is seemingly seeking attention from the devasting event. As such, some fans deem her Kody Brown Jr.

Christine And Kody Brown’s Daughter Is Processing The Death Differently

Although the Brown family is mourning the loss of Garrison Brown, each one is processing the death differently. However, fans don’t think Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter, Mykelti, is going about it the right way. On Reddit, one Sister Wives viewer says, “Mykelti is upset with the National Guard pics.” Then they add, “Mykelti is pissed that the National Guard posted the pics. Tony is triggered that people flamed him for wearing a hat. He should look up military hat etiquette. She is also pissed that people said she looked pregnant.”

Tony Padron and Mykelti Brown Padron from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
Tony Padron and Mykelti Brown Padron from Sister Wives – YouTube

Fans Give Their Thoughts About Mykelti

While the discussion was back and forth, not everyone thinks Mykelti was vying for the spotlight, but many do. Previously, Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter has had backlash for trying to cash in on any opportunity possible which leaves a bad taste in fans mouths.

  • One fan replies, “OK and…” Then another adds, “So they made it about them.”
  • But someone tries to defend Mykelti’s actions, “No, they are irritated other people saw pictures of a grieving family and starting making comments about how the family should have acted/looked.”
  • However someone quickly refutes. “Have you not seen her Patreon? This is not the answer. She posted the day he was found unalived, posted again when going to the location and is now posting again upset about the pics from them. She is mad she isn’t making money off of it. You are wrong, I’m sorry.”
U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Adrianne Lopez.
U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Adrianne Lopez.
Garrison Brown's Folded Flag Ceremony
U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Adrianne Lopez.

One Fan Deems Her Kody Brown Jr.

Additionally, Mykelti is getting criticism for her choices both at the military funeral and the videos on Patreon. In particular, one fan crowns her Kody Brown Jr. for her actions.

  • “But Mykelti sat there with an irritated face, arms crossed, looking bored and her fella didnt remove his hat? these pair are really irritating. On another note that photo of the guard kneeling at Janelles feet made me tear up. Saddest photo ive seen in a long time. Poor woman.”
  • “Mykelti is Kody Jr period!! Its all about her and her hubby… and her whole demeanor is so Kody, no wonder she loves Robyn so much..”
  • “Robyn groomed her into being an attention whore. She complains about everything. Unless you’re purchasing her product. With three small children. She has better things to do than what she has been.”

Mykelti is upset with the National Guard pics
byu/rstwt inTLCsisterwives

Some Fans Have Compassion

While most Sister Wives fans were sticking up for Janelle Brown and had a few pokes at Robyn and Kody Brown, most of the comments clap back at Mykelti. But a few individuals have compassion for Mykelti who is also going through the loss of her half brother, Garrison. However, those were not very popular opinions among the group.

  • “At this point in time, I think they’re the only ones angred by it. Janelle reposted the pictures herself, so I don’t think she was upset by it. Honestly, her opinion in this situation is the only one that matters.”
  • “Her emotions are high and she just went through one of the most soul crushing events in her life that will change her family forever and this… this is what you decide to post? Have some class.”
  • “Sounds like people are mocking some young folks who just went through one of the most difficult experiences in their lives. Is it really appropriate to be bullying a part of the Brown family?”

What do you think about Mykelti Brown being Kody Brown Jr.? Do you think her expression against the photos is valid? Are you hoping to see more Sister Wives episodes? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill

One Comment

  1. prayers to the family The whole reason was to honor Garrison. not her. I see her acting a lot like ROBYN AND KODY. I seen that at Christine’s wedding by asking who her favorite was.
    my worries is for Savannah and Gabe.
    I just want them to know they are not invisible and they are in our thoughts and prayers.
    mykelti needs to think before she speaks. also it doesn’t matter if Tony had a bad hair day or not, the hat needed to be off. show respect.

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