Mykelti Brown Breaks Silence On Garrison’s Death Aftermath

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Since laying Sister Wives star, Garrison Brown, to rest, Mykelti Brown is opening up about the aftermath of the loss in the family. Undoubtedly, the son, brother, uncle, and friend will be deeply missed. Currently, the Browns are each doing their own soul searching while they piece life after Garrison back together.

Garrison Brown’s Family Mourns

After the news of Garrison Brown’s death, the Sister Wives community rallied together to mourn the loss of such a beautiful soul. Initially, Janelle and Kody Brown released a joint statement about their “beautiful boy” that was surreal and shocking to read. Then several family members and friends composed heartwarming messages of love for this cherished man. Furthermore, several of the Brown siblings offered memories and tributes, including Mykelti Brown. Then the family came together to bury their loved one in his final resting place as well as hold the living close.

Mykelti Brown Breaks Silence On Aftermath Of Garrison’s Death

However, following the burial, Mykelti Brown has broken the silence on the aftermath of Garrison Brown’s death on the family. On Monday, Mykelti took to her Patreon account to fill in her subscribers about the death. Tearfully, Mykelti spoke about returning to Flagstaff, AZ to be with her family. She says, “I was in Flagstaff last week with my husband and all of my family. It was for obvious reasons. My brother passed away.” Then she adds, “It sucked a lot.” Additionally, she tried to identify the “bright side” of the horrific situation. She says, “I’ve got to see all of my family together for the first time in years. And I think that ultimately, obviously, Garrison would have been happy by that.”

Mykelti Brown gives tribute to Garrison. - Instagram
Mykelti Brown gives tribute to Garrison. – Instagram

Furthermore, she told Sister Wives fans the family is planning some events in Garrison’s honor. “We do have some more things for him, in honor of him, coming up this next month and some more in the next couple of months,” she says. “There’s a Brown family reunion in Wyoming. And a lot of my family, most of them, are going to honor him.” Which is fitting since Garrison had a strong love for Wyoming and the outdoors.

Garrison Brown enjoying the outdoors. - Instagram
Garrison Brown enjoying the outdoors. – Instagram

Mykelti Brown Pleads Followers To Give Her Space In This Area

Moreso, Mykelti Brown pleads with Sister Wives fans to give the family space on this subject. Undeniably, this season of the Browns’ lives is uncharted waters and will be full of difficult decisions. “Please don’t ask me any questions about Garrison or about my family. Not my family, sorry, about the events around this,” Mykelti requests. “You can ask questions about my family, but not about events around this because I will break down crying.” While Mykelti tends to be candid in most areas she is setting a hard boundary on this section of her life. Expressing, “I think most of my siblings, we’ve all pretty much agreed that none of our life is private, really, because our parents are public and the show. But this is ours. This is private.”


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Have you lost someone significant in your life like Garrison Brown? Can you understand what Mykelti Brown and the entire Sister Wives family are facing?  Can you imagine going through your darkest hours in the public eye? Do you have advice for the hurting family as they navigate the aftermath of Garrison’s death? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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  1. my sincerest condolences Kody Janelle and your family on the loss of your son in my prayers. I don’t watch your show anymore too much unnessecary drama life is too short to fight with your kids

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