Kody Brown Admits Conflict Good For The Show But Hurt Family

Kody Brown, Sister Wives

While Sister Wives’ goal was to show viewers a little piece of what plural marriage has to offer, it has its drawbacks. Kody Brown reflects on the progression of the show and how the conflict was good for ratings. However, he admits drama may sell, but it has hurt the Brown family.

Reality Sinks In For Kody Brown

Undeniably, the Brown family is facing turmoil like never before after the unexpected loss of Garrison Brown. While there are suspicions there are connections to the family drama airing on Sister Wives, it isn’t a simple matter. Sadly, suicide is generally a symptom of more preexisting complications. Many believe that Kody Brown is to blame for Garrison’s downward spiral, while others recognize it isn’t a time to place blame. However, Kody has been open about the show causing pain for the family.

Garrison Brown, Kody Brown-Instagram
Garrison Brown, Kody Brown – Instagram

Kody Brown Admits Airing Drama Has Hurt The Family

Before the tragic passing of Garrison Brown, Kody Brown was candid about the sad reality that being on Sister Wives takes its toll. On Mormonism Live 152, Kody reflects on the time that the family has shared their lives on reality TV. Kody quotes a common Morman saying, “When I was young, I had a lot of theories and no experience. Now that I am old, I have no theories and a lot of experience.”

Kody Brown And His Family From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Kody Brown and his family – Sister Wives

However, during the interview on November 1, 2023, he offers a genuinely remorseful testament to the effects the family feels from being on camera. Notably, host, Bill Reel, mentions in the process of making strides for the benefit of polygamy, the Browns are also airing all the private aspects of their lives as well. Moreso, he discusses the family putting conflict, embarrassing moments, and even regrettable decisions on display.

Janelle Brown rewatching Kody Brown storm out. - TLC Sister Wives
Janelle Brown rewatching Kody Brown storm out. – Sister Wives

Drama Sells

Correspondingly, Kody Brown acknowledges at the beginning of Sister Wives he was just having fun with his family. In particular, he could joke and keep things moving. Admittedly, he says you eventually need to get serious about what is happening and face the struggles. Additionally, he knows reality TV can’t be all “Pollyanna,” but Sister Wives has increasingly become more focused on personal conflicts. Notably, the interview was after Season 18’s filming and his plural family was in ruins. Then he sadly says now the conflict is almost the only thing being portrayed.

Conflict Is Part Of The Human Experience

Furthermore, Kody Brown relates Sister Wives to literature. He says, “Conflict is the essence of literature.” Then he states he learned it is either a conflict between man or with nature. Likewise, Kody says at the start of the show it was mostly “Man vs Society.” Then he talks about how their mission was to take on society to make the plural marriage option more accepted. However, over time it evolved into the fighting within the family. Markedly, he knows that makes good television, but he shows his deep sadness for the effects on the family. Unfortunately, Kody expresses it is hard on his heart. He says, “The experience altogether, has been heartbreaking. Very challenging.”

What do you think about Kody Brown’s interview with Mormonism Live 152? Do you believe he is remorseful about the effects reality TV has on his family? Do you think Kody was attempting to rebuild relationships off-air? Are you wanting to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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