Christine Brown Has A Teachable Moment With Grandkids

Christine Brown from Instagram

Christine Brown considers all the Brown family grandchildren to be her own. And after marrying David Woolley, she has many step-grandchildren to be proud of. But biologically, she is currently only a grandmother of three. Her daughter Mykelti Brown Padron has a 3-year-old daughter, Avalon, and one-year-old twin boys, Ace and Archer.

Being a grandmother is one of the biggest joys in Christine Brown’s life. Recently, she had a very teachable, yet adorable, moment with Mykelti’s kids.

Keep reading to learn more about Christine’s Instagram post and see what happened.

Christine Brown Teachs Her Grandkids How To Be Safe

As a dedicated grandmother, Christine Brown always wants to make sure her kids and grandkids know how to stay safe. Playing and having fun is important, but safety is essential too.

Aspyn Brown with Christine Brown's grandkids, from Christine's Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

And that’s precisely why she thought it was time to teach Mykelti’s kids about sharks.

“Avalon shot these pictures and videos. I was teaching @mykeltip kids about the sound a shark makes. Obviously they are more afraid of toasters though,” the Sister Wives star captioned her Instagram post. She attached several photos of herself carrying around a large stuffed shark.

Seasoned Sister Wives fans might remember the toaster comment from the show’s first season when Christine explained why it was safer to make toast in the oven.

Christine limited comments on the post, but there’s no doubt that many Sister Wives fans found it enjoyable and funny.

The Sister Wives Star Prioritizes Time With Loved Ones

Following Garrison Brown’s tragic death, Christine Brown recently shared she was learning to get back into the swing of life. More than likely, that means more time with her kids and grandkids. Now more than ever before, the Sister Wives cast knows how important it is to hold their loved ones close.

Garrison wasn’t Christine’s biological son, but she very much considered him to be one of her own. After his death, she honored him on St. Patrick’s Day by cooking his favorite meal. Although the Brown family is forever changed by his loss, fans love seeing the family honor his memory in such wonderful ways.

In the days to come, many Sister Wives fans fully expect to see Christine posting more about her beloved family members. Avalon’s third birthday is on April 5, so there will also likely be adorable birthday party photos to come. It’s anyone’s guess what Christine will teach her grandchildren next.

What did you think about Christine Brown’s latest post about her grandkids? Did you catch the joke about the toasters? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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