‘Sister Wives’ Fans Explode On Christine Brown’s Garrison Tribute

Christine Brown, Sister Wives

Since Sister Wives star, Garrison Brown’s passing, there have been many beautiful tributes. Without a doubt, the family is doing their best to process their grief and honor Garrison at the same time. In like fashion, Christine Brown offers a sweet tribute to Garrison as one special “first” passes without him being with them.

The Browns Are Facing Many Difficult “Firsts”

On April 11, Sister Wives star, Christine Brown, took a moment to reflect on Garrison Brown as the family got together without him present. While death is always followed by a series of “firsts,” it is difficult to face many of them. For instance, the Brown family got together for Easter and celebrated the first Easter after his passing. But some of these “firsts” are tougher than others. Specifically, Garrison’s birthday is a special day that was dedicated to him. Undeniably, this year when his birthday came around, it was painful for the family not to have him there. However, they made tributes for their missing family member on the occasion to remember him.

Christine Brown Offers A Birthday Tribute For Garrison

On Christine Brown’s Instagram page, she offered a heartfelt tribute honoring Garrison Brown on his birthday. Admittedly, she said it was too hard to post on the day, but she wanted to share. She also focuses on the good times. She says, “So many good times, so many memories…not enough though.” While it is devastating to be without him, the family made a gesture to remember him by planting a tree. And Christine posted a quote referencing Valhalla and saying she will always miss and love him. But after posting, Christine’s comments were bombarded by Sister Wives fans.

Christine Brown makes a birthday tribute for Garrison Brown. - Instagram
Christine Brown makes a birthday tribute to Garrison Brown. – Instagram

Fans Have Explosive Reaction On Christine Brown’s Post

When Christine Brown highlighted Garrison Brown’s birthday with her tribute, Sister Wives fans erupted in the comments. Many fans were gentle and gave condolences during this hard time, but others were quick to turn the conversation to blame Kody Brown.

  • “So nice to see you included Kody.” But someone else quickly disagrees: “I disagree. Kody caused Garrison great grief and sadness.”
  • “Who are we to judge? We only see what was on the screen. Remember that Garrison his Kody child as well, and I have.”
  • “Am sure that that’s something Kody will have to live with until he takes his last breath. It’s never easy losing a child.”
  • “Narcissists don’t grieve or care.”
Gabe Brown, Garrison Brown, and Kody Brown - Instagram
Gabe Brown, Garrison Brown, and Kody Brown – Instagram

Christine Brown’s Post Of Love For Garrison Was Hijacked

Although the comments rapidly were filled with jabs at Kody Brown, others reminded that Christine Brown is grieving but attempting to find joy in sharing love about Garrison.

  • “Not the time nor the place. You’re now, causing grief and sadness on this lovely memory birthday post of Christine’s. Leave it alone!”
  • “I thought it was and incredibly sweet and gracious thing for her to post as well.”

Some Fans Express Concern For The Remaining Family

Additionally, other Sister Wives fans remind commenters that words can affect people. While Christine Brown was trying to celebrate the beautiful person Garrison was, the fans cautioned that family members left after suicide are often more susceptible to future suicides.

  • “Please be very careful because once someone commits suicide, it raises the risk for the siblings. Please be mindful of this. I don’t want to scare you but it is so important that the entire family is aware of this. Sending lots of love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”
  • “I hope Gabe is okay. I can’t even imagine what he went through. 💔.” Additionally, another person agrees, “I worry about Gabe also. He has such a sweet soul.”
  • “It’s not a choice and VERY common in Active grief for Dopamine levels to deplete and YES the risk is absolutely higher even in a person who was mentally well person before.”

Undeniably, grief is a difficult process and each of the Browns is finding their way through it. What did you think about Christine Brown’s tribute? Does it surprise you that people are exploding in the comments? Are you ready to see more Sister Wives episodes? Drop your thoughts below.

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  1. my prayers are with you and the family
    your son was a wonderful man, we will always keep him in our prayers.

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