‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Offers Heartfelt Advice For Grieving

Kody Brown, Sister Wives

While the Brown family is finding ways to wake up each day and face a world without Garrison Brown, grief is a fickle thing. Undoubtedly, all of the Sister Wives‘ family members are feeling waves of sadness through their journey. When grieving, everyone has their process. Likewise, Kody Brown advised others about working through times of grief and how to keep going.

Kody Brown Offers Heartfelt Advice For Grieving

Although Sister Wives star, Kody Brown, has stayed quiet since Garrison Brown’s death, a past Cameo video gives his stance on grief. While speaking to someone about their loss, he gives a heartfelt message. He says, “There is nothing that I can say or would be foolish enough to try and say to circumvent your bereavement.” Then he compassionately sends condolences, “I am sorry for your loss.” Although the exact request for the Cameo and its timing isn’t clear, the message is sincere.

U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Adrianne Lopez.
U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Adrianne Lopez.

Kody Brown Gives Consistent Message

In December, Sister Wives patriarch, Kody Brown also gave his hurting sister similar advice after losing her husband. Correspondingly, he was offering comfort and hope for her and he encouraged her to find light again. Likewise, in the Cameo clip, he offers a near match to the advice he gave his sister. He says, “The only thing I can say to you is find your bliss and pursue excellence.” Then Kody adds, “If you are capable of loving again and finding happiness and bliss again, make yourself the best person you can be.” Additionally encouraging the recipient to balance patience and drive to find life after the loss. He expresses, “Don’t put pressure on yourself, but maybe challenge yourself.”

Honoring Your Love

Furthermore, in the clip, Kody Brown tries to imagine how he would move forward after “losing the love of his life.” While thinking of the scenario he believes he would need to “honor their life by being the greatest person that he could be.” Likewise, Kody reflects on the advice he gave his sister. In the Cameo he says, “I’m advising my sister to find love again.” Then Kody ends his video by saying, “It happened once, it might’ve happened more than that for you, find love again, find your bliss, pursue excellence. Those are the only things I got for you.”

The Brown Family - Sister Wives
The Brown Family – Sister Wives

Hopefully, Sister Wives star, Kody Brown, will be able to find his bliss after the loss of Garrison. Although they were estranged at the time of his death, they have many years of good memories. Likewise, Kody has the opportunity to be his best self and honor his son by pouring his love into his other children who remain.

What do you think about Kody Brown’s advice on grief? Do you think he will apply it to his current situation? Are you hoping to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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  1. kody has a message for people who are grieving and to top it off,he is çharging a fee? who ever pays him has to be crazy,to listen to what ever he has to say,pay him to say it on a camèo,not this man has lost it and then trying to make a buck off garrisons passing? I thought I heard it all! WOW I am speechless.

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