Kody Brown In ‘Dark Place’ After Garrison’s Death, Ruining Marriage

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown is in a “dark place” after his son, Garrison Brown passed away in early March 2024. So much so that it is actually ruining his marriage to his fourth and now only wife, Robyn Brown. So, what is going on with the former polygamist? Keep reading for more details on how he is doing and what this is doing to his personal life.

Kody Brown In ‘Dark Place’ After Garrison’s Death, Ruining Marriage

Viewers watched as Kody Brown became even more estranged from his older children over the years. A lot had to do with how close and connected he was to his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, and her five children. He always boasted about how they obeyed him and she was the only loyal wife. That was untrue as his his now former first wife, Meri Brown had always done what he said. Yet, he did not care to have a relationship with her so she did not matter. Then, there were his other two wives, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown (Woolley).

A marriage is about to happen in the Sister Wives Brown family
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During the pandemic, Kody did not feel they followed his pandemic protocols. However, they both maintained that they abided by the CDC guidelines. Furthermore, he wanted Janelle to kick out her sons, Gabriel and Garrison Brown since they had lives outside of the home. She refused and things just continued to go downhill. When Garrison died by apparent suicide, Kody was still estranged from his son.


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Now, according to The Sun, Garrison’s death has severely impacted Kody Brown mentally. An insider had this to say:

“Kody is not okay at all. He’s retreated entirely. He gets into dark places when he gets upset, so he’s just in a very dark place right now.”

He is also “really depressed” which is not helping his marriage to Robyn Brown whatsoever. Kody struggled when his third wife, Christine left the family, and that caused him to lash out in rage. Now, he is seemingly acting the complete opposite by hiding away.


When it was time to say final goodbyes to Garrison Brown, Kody Brown was apparently not in the kindest way. He was reunited with all of his family, including his children, estranged and otherwise, as well as his three ex-wives. While together, he was allegedly “more resistant in mingling” and “standoffish.” As for how his marriage with Robyn Brown, who attended the services with him stands, yes it is currently rocky. The insider added this about Kody:

“He sort of put up this wall and is internalizing his feelings. He’s focused more on himself and moving on.”

Despite this current struggle, they do not feel it is the end for the couple of fourteen years.

“I don’t think they will ever divorce unless he continues what he is doing and pushes her out. Kody just retreats and when he gets upset, he blames her (for his problems). So right now he’s doing that with her.”

After Garrison Brown died, there were Sister Wives fans who blamed Kody and Robyn for his death. They felt they pushed him away and should be ashamed of their behavior. Soon, some fans intervened and said it was not the time to play the blame game.

Do you feel for Kody Brown during this unimaginable time and do you think it will take a drastic toll on his marriage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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