Rachel Leviss’ New Man Revealed, Who Is He?

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Vanderpump Rules alum Rachel Leviss’ new man has been revealed after she spent the weekend at Stagecoach. She had a great time dancing with friends, eating, and posting all about her good time. So, who is this mystery man? Keep reading for all of the details.

Rachel Leviss’ New Man Revealed, Who Is He?

When Rachel Leviss started on Vanderpump Rules, she was a college beauty pageant competitor dating DJ James Kennedy. She attempted to control his drinking while still maintaining a happy life. Eventually, she balanced her competing with shifts at SUR, and then, James proposed. The two became engaged but called it off at the end of Season 9, much to the shock of their co-stars. Yet, she shocked them even more the following season by having an affair with Tom Sandoval. He was in a decade-long relationship with co-star and Leviss’ best friend, Ariana Madix.

Rachel Leviss-Instagram
Rachel Leviss-Instagram

Leviss ended up checking herself into a mental health facility so her future with the show was unknown. She ended up not returning for Season 11 but went on Bethenny Frankel’s Just B podcast to share her truth. Additionally, she started her own podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue where she talks about her BTS experience on Vanderpump Rules. She has also sued Sandoval and Madix for revenge porn and appeared to want to stay out of the limelight. That has not happened as she has walked runways and showed up to Stagecoach. There, she debuted her new man, according to Taste of Reality.

His name is Matthew Dunn and he is a single father as well as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, his Instagram profile picture was of the couple but it seems to have been changed back to just a selfie. It is private but that may be because people now know who he is. He has a daughter named Denny who he loves to take on adventures. Finally, he looks like the complete opposite of both James and Sandoval but Rachel Leviss seems happy.


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Fans Chime In

So, what did followers have to say about Rachel Leviss’ new man? Did they find him attractive or were they unimpressed?

  • tell me why i thought it was A ROD for a minute omfg 😂😂😂
  • I wonder which broad she took him from? 👀
  • Why would any man in their right mind get involved with any of this mess right now unless they’re looking for their 15 minutes of fame?

Many noted how he was overtly political while others said that she said she was going to be single for a year and that seems to have fallen by the wayside. In any case, this is her new man and time will tell if any of her former cast mates will say anything.

What do you think of Matthew? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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