Nick Viall Slams Rachel Leviss For Suing Ariana Madix

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Nick Viall recently slammed Rachel Leviss for suing Ariana Madix. Fans love listening to Nick’s podcast, The Viall Files because he is always honest and does not filter what he says. Rachel has been the talk of Bravo since the affair she had with Tom Sandoval became public. It seems that she is suing both Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval. However, Nick does not agree with this choice and lets fans know.

Rachel Leviss Ruins Life

Rachel Leviss ruined not only her life but Tom Sandoval’s as well. She was one of Ariana Madix’s best friends. However, this did not mean much to her because she slept with her boyfriend of nine years. Rachel has continuously tried to say she and Ariana were not that close, but Ariana claps back every time she hears her say that. Ever since the affair happened, Tom has been one of the most hated people on reality TV. Rachel took time to herself and went to a mental hospital. This was to get the help she needed but could also have been to get away from all the hate on social media and in her life.

Rachel Leviss and Tom Sandoval
Rachel Leviss and Tom Sandoval

Nick Viall Slams Rachel Leviss

Nick Viall talked about how Rachel is suing both Tom and Ariana. This is for spreading a video of her masturbating on FaceTime with Tom. She did not know she was being filmed.

“She said something to the effect of if she’s going to sue Tom, she has to by defect sue Ariana. Which, yeah, I guess. Like nothing she is technically saying is wrong. But she is strongly suggesting that once again she has no problem with Ariana being collateral damage to her own selfish needs. And what’s interesting about this whole video again, like yeah it’s wrong, disgusting, and gross, but she is the only one, well now we’re talking about it, but like she keeps bringing up this video that to my knowledge no one’s ever really seen. You know it’s not like this video that everyone’s seen. She keeps bringing it up and truly it must be very stressful to find out you’re being sued. Just the emotional pain that she is causing Ariana for, for what? Every time she speaks it’s just like why?”


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It seems that Nick thinks the video Rachel is always talking about is pointless. She has the right to be upset about the video, but there are not a lot of people who have seen it. Rachel makes it seem like everyone in the world has seen it. Lisa Vanderpump hasn’t even seen it and she’s like the mother of the group. What do you think? Do you agree with what Nick said? Sound off in the comments below.

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