Rachel Leviss Angry With Lisa Vanderpump For Trashing Video

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Rachel Leviss is not happy with her former employer, Lisa Vanderpump. Leviss is suing Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval for “revenge porn”. There was a video recorded without Rachel’s consent. This was a video of Rachel masturbating on FaceTime with Tom. Sandoval then screen-recorded her doing so on the call without her permission and knowledge. She then claimed that Ariana Madix shared the video with her friends. However, when Lisa Vanderpump was asked about her opinion on the matter, she did not approve of what Rachel was doing.

Lisa Vanderpump Gives Opinion On Rachel Leviss

Rachel Leviss is suing Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval for sharing her explicit video. Lisa Vanderpump was recently asked what her thoughts were on the matter, and Lisa did not have the best things to say.

“That’s ridiculous, I think if you don’t want to have somebody share your porn, then don’t send it to your best friend’s boyfriend,”

Fans agreed with her statement, but Rachel did not. Lisa also revealed that Ariana did not show everyone because she had not seen it and was jokingly offended. However, Rachel has taken this personally and is disgusted by what she has to say.

Lisa Vanderpump and Rachel Leviss
Lisa Vanderpump and Rachel Leviss

Leviss Slams Vanderpump For Her Comments

Rachel was on her podcast when she let fans know that the lawsuit is not about her sending a video. It is about a video being recorded without her consent or knowledge.

“Obviously, you guys know, the lawsuit is not about me sending a video. This video was recorded, it was a FaceTime video that I did not know was being recorded and I wasn’t aware this video existed until it was sent to me.”

She then went into detail on what she thought of Lisa’s comments.

“My privacy was violated in a very intimate and unsuspecting way, and it is embarrassing and not something that I’m proud of at all,” she continued. “So to have her push out a certain type of story that isn’t anywhere near the truth of what has happened is very disappointing.”

“You have this idea of who somebody is and admire them for being a boss and advocating for what’s right but it just seems like that perception is shattering very quickly, seeing the way she has turned on me. I know that she has a lot of power and I want to be firm and standing up for myself and pointing out that it’s not okay to be talking about and spreading certain propaganda and straight-up lies as a way to change the public perception of somebody.”

Rachel Leviss, Lisa Vanderpump-YouTube
Rachel Leviss, Lisa Vanderpump-YouTube

It seems as though Rachel does not approve of how Lisa talked about her and the video. However, Lisa feels as though if she did not want it to be seen, she should not have done it in the first place. Especially with her best friend’s boyfriend. It also seems that there are not too many people who feel bad for her and feel as though she did it to herself. How do you feel about her situation? How do you feel about what Lisa said? Sound off in the comments below.

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