‘The Masked Singer’ Renewed: Who Is The Fourth Judge?

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer was recently renewed for the twelfth season and fans are dying to know who the fourth judge is going to be. There are a few familiar faces that will return including Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg. Last season fans got to see Rita Ora be the fourth judge while Nicole Scherzinger took a season off. Will she return or will Rita take her place? Keep reading to find out more.

Nicole Scherzinger Takes A Season Off Of The Masked Singer

Nicole Scherzinger has been a judge on The Masked Singer for ten seasons. However, Rita Ora took her place on Season 11 and fans enjoyed the change. Nicole was not on the latest season of the show due to scheduling conflicts. She was starring as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. This was taking place in London and there was no way she could get time to film the show as well. Nicole is going to be making her Broadway debut with the same production this year as well, this may cause the same conflicts.

The Masked Singer from Fox, sourced from YouTube
The Masked Singer from Fox, sourced from YouTube

Who Will Be The Fourth Judge?

It is unknown if Nicole is going to come back or if Rita is going to stay in her place. The Masked Singer allows celebrities to dress up as characters and sing songs. The judges have to put together the clues given and listen to the voice to try to figure out which celebrity it is. Rita did a good job this season. However, she was a judge on the UK version of the show. If Rita does not stay on the US version of the show it is a good guess that she will return to the UK judge panel. Fans can expect to see Robin, Jenny, and Ken back on the panel next season. Fans seemed to like Rita and how she switched things up during the current season. Did you like her on the show better than Nicole?

The Masked Singer new promo from FOX, Sourced from YouTube
The Masked Singer new promo from FOX, Sourced from YouTube

It seems it is still unknown who is going to be the fourth judge on the panel. Fans want Rita to stay. Or for both Nicole and Rita to be on the panel. One fan even had the idea of them switching out every few episodes. The possibilities for this are endless. Fans should expect the other three judges to return to their spots on the panel. Who would you like to see? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I did not like last year at all I would love to see the four people who started the show back

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