Would Jax Taylor Want Any ‘VPR’ Member To Be On ‘The Valley’?

Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor recently revealed if he would want any Vanderpump Rules cast members to be on The ValleyThere has been talk about Lala Kent being on the show and that has prompted the question to be asked. Fans would love to see some of the cast members go on the spinoff. However, viewers are also dying to know how The Valley cast would feel about it. Keep reading to find out more.

Lala Kent Talks Being On The Valley

Lala Kent has been talking about being on The Valley.

“Lala is in early talks to join ‘The Valley,’ she is very connected with that cast. Those girls are her very good friends and mom crew.”

Brittany revealed that she is close friends with Lala and Scheana. Lala has more in common with The Valley cast due to the majority of them being mothers. Lala is currently pregnant with her second child via IUI treatments.

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How Would Jax Taylor Feel About It?

Jax does not seem to be a fan of the idea. He talked about it on his podcast with Brittany.

“I personally don’t think we need to bring anyone from Vanderpump Rules over. I’m not trying to make this Vanderpump Rules, as of right now, that is a no. It is a hard no. But who knows, it could change. If we have parties, absolutely. But this is The Valley, this is not an extension of Vanderpump Rules. ‘I’m really proud of our show and I think it isn’t fair for our caSt members after they worked so hard to [just] bring people over.”

Jax does not want to take anything away from the cast. Maybe they could make appearances on the show without being on it full time. A source revealed that as long as Vanderpump Rules is around, Lala will not leave it because it is her home. Do you agree with Jax or not? Most people do not agree with what Jax Taylor says.

Jax Taylor-Instagram
Jax Taylor-Instagram

It seems that Jax does not want anyone else from VPR to be on the show. Kristen, Jax, and Brittany are the only ones he is okay with doing the show. However, things could change in the future. Especially if it was only one person. Fans would love to see Lala on the show as she has grown and matured and would fit in well with the group. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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