Tom Sandoval Starting To Spiral After Rachel Leviss Speaks Out

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Tom Sandoval started to spiral after Rachel Leviss spoke out about their relationship. Tom thought the two of them were in love and thought they could make a relationship work. It does not appear to be that way though. Tom has received an enormous amount of hate due to his relationship with Rachel and the affair he had with his long-term girlfriend, Ariana Madix. Keep reading to see him spiral.

James Kennedy Slams Their Relationship

James Kennedy was not afraid to slam their relationship to Tom’s face. He said they were “never in love” and it was just a “f*ck fest”. However, Tom instantly got defensive and let him know he was wrong.

 “I would literally go over to her house and would spend like five, six hours together. If we had sex, it would be for a little bit, we would talk the whole time.”

However, James did not agree and did not understand how he thought they were in love. He then made fun of Tom’s band and Tom made fun of his DJing in return.

Rachel Leviss and Tom Sandoval
Rachel Leviss and Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval Starts To Spiral

Tom Sandoval started to spiral after Rachel Leviss said she never loved Tom on a podcast. 

“I wasn’t fully ready to give up hope until I heard it from her own lips and now I have, to go through all that and not even give it a shot, like what was it all for? I really tried to look out for Raquel and I’m realizing now that I cared for her way more than she f—ing cared for me.”

Lisa Vanderpump was then worried about Tom.

 “I don’t want Sandoval to start spiraling after we just got him to a place where it was starting to even out.”

However, Ariana Madix did enjoy hearing this and watching Scheana Shay take shots at them both in her new song. It is safe to say Ariana has a hatred for Tom and Rachel that will never go away.

Special Forces World's Toughest test Tom Sandoval Spills Deep Feelings Doing No 2 Fox
Special Forces World’s Toughest test Tom Sandoval Spills Deep Feelings Doing No 2 Fox

It seems Tom Sandoval thought their relationship was more than it was. He thought they could make a relationship work and maybe end up together. However, he was wrong, and it seems like Rachel never planned for that to happen. Now Tom is wondering what the seven months were for if she was just going to throw it away and dismiss it. What do you think about what she had to say? Sound off in the comments below.

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