‘RHOBH’ Fans Over ‘Sketchy’ PK & Dorit Kemsley

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RHOBH fans are over “sketchy” PK and Dorit Kemsley after learning that their marriage is still on the rocks. The duo struggled all Season 13 and it was clear that he had checked out. Now, their marriage could be holding Dorit back from another year on the show. Keep reading for more information.

RHOBH Fans Over ‘Sketchy’ PK & Dorit Kemsley

Right before the Season 13 premiere of RHOBH, it came out that PK and Dorit Kemsley had split. He was allegedly living alone in a hotel but they denied it. At the same time, he was always traveling when they were filming and was visibly struggling with his wife. Dorit brought up how the home invasion still affected her and her PTSD was very real. He felt she was being too dramatic at times and this was impacting their marriage, something she and co-star, Kyle Richards had in common.

Dorit Kemsley, PK-Instagram
Dorit Kemsley, PK-Instagram

When the season ended, Dorit claimed that she and PK were stronger than ever but that may not be the case. The Daily Mail has reported that PK moved out and is living in The Beverly Hills Hotel. Furthermore, unless Dorit talks about the real problems in her marriage, she will be demoted from the show, appearing in just three episodes. After learning about this ultimatum, fans made a Reddit thread and had a lot to say, more so about the couple. The OP wrote this:

  • They are both just so sketchy. Nothing is what it seems


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This may be true in some ways as PK has always given the impression that he has a lot of money. Yet, he has also been called out for his debts, as well. So, what did fans have to say upon reading this?

  • He can afford to live at the Beverly Hills Hotel?
  • There’s no way Paul Kemsley can afford the Beverly Hills Hotel.
  • He was basically moved out last season and none of the ladies mentioned it
  • Dorit, honey. You’re gonna need to pull an Alexis Bellino and go to the Ivy with Mauricio. It’s time.

‘Move Along’

Clearly, fans were more focused on how PK could afford the hotel over their fake marriage. At the same time, they also felt that Dorit Kemsley needed to start showing her real life and stop hiding so much. If she could not do that, she needed to leave:

  • This is a show that is “supposed” to be about real lives. If you don’t want to share… move along. There is nothing wrong with protecting your family and your privacy, but this is your job

It was also believed that she and Kyle Richards had been allowed to glide by for so long and that there were no intentions of ever letting them go. As to how true that is, viewers will just have to wait and see when Season 14 comes along.

What do you think of PK and Dorit Kemsley’s marriage? More so, should she have to be absolutely transparent to be on the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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