Dorit Kemsley Must Admit Marital Issues Or Lose Job

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Dorit Kemsley must admit to her marital issues with her husband, PK, or face losing her job as a Real Housewife. It appears that Bravo is giving the cast of RHOBH transparency ultimatums in order to film this season. So, what is going on with the fashion designer? Keep reading for more details.

Dorit Kemsley Must Admit Marital Issues Or Lose Job

The afternoon of the Season 13 premiere of RHOBH, it came out that Dorit Kemsley and her husband, PK had parted ways. He was allegedly living in a hotel while they figured out their next steps. They denied this but that was the same case as Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards. Their marriage was called out as over in July 2023 and they initially denied it. Within a short period of time, they had called it quits and were officially separated. During the season, Dorit and PK were seen having issues and he was always out of the country.

PK, Dorit Kemsley-Instagram
PK, Dorit Kemsley-Instagram

Currently, it does not appear that Dorit has a Season 14 contract. Now, according to the Daily Mail, she won’t have one unless she is honest about her marital troubles. PK has allegedly moved out of their home, living alone at the Beverly Hills Hotel. An insider shared that if Dorit is not transparent about this, she will lose her full-time title. She will then become a “friend of” with just three episodes. As of now, Dorit is taking her time and has made no decisions:

“She wants to be a full time cast member on the show, but she does not want to explain that she is on a break with PK and he has temporarily moved out of the house,’ said the source. She really does not want to be seen as a single mother in Beverly Hills, because once you are labeled that you don’t get invited to as many parties, you lose friends, you are an insider.”

More so, Dorit Kemsley knows that staying with PK will keep her in the know as he is connected to everyone:

“He has a lot of celebrity friends and pull, so she doesn’t want to lose him at the end of the day. And it’s not just about power. She also does not want the world to know she failed at her marriage. And the kids don’t really know they are on a break either, they think papa has just taken some time away from the home for business. She worries about the kids.”

So, there seem to be a lot of factors in this decision. Dorit wants to be able to keep her social standing as well as her children’s fantasy that their father is just working elsewhere. Plus, she does not want to lose her job on the show. They do love each other and want to work it out but seemingly on their own terms.

In The Same Boat

Dorit Kemsley’s co-star and RHOBH OG Kyle Richards had said that her fate with the show was up in the air. However, she was allegedly told she had to open up about her relationship with Morgan Wade or she could not come back either. So, it looks like Bravo wants the cast to be as honest as possible which makes perfect sense. Kyle caught a lot of heat after the Season 13 reunion for evading questions regarding her marriage and her relationship with Morgan. Time will tell what these ladies decide.

Do you think that Dorit will spill her problems to keep her diamond? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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