Is Kyle Richards Speaking To Dorit Post-Reunion?

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Is Kyle Richards on speaking terms with RHOBH co-star and former close friend Dorit Kemsley post-reunion? The two had a tenuous relationship toward the end and now, fans are wondering where they stand. Keep reading for more details.

Is Kyle Richards Speaking To Dorit Post-Reunion?

Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley had a very close relationship for several seasons of RHOBH. In Season 13, it was especially helpful that they had each other because they could relate. Both ladies were struggling in their marriages. Kyle and her husband, Mauricio Umansky were trying to figure out their next steps while Dorit and her husband, PK failed at communicating. Both Kyle and Dorit admitted that they were leaning on each other during these dark times but things started to crash.

Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley-YouTube
Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley-YouTube

Dorit appeared to be jealous of how close Kyle had gotten to Morgan Wade and made comments about that. Eventually, Kyle shared she and Dorit were not as close as it was made out to be. This hurt Dorit and by the time the reunion was filmed, the two had not spoken. So, where do they stand now? Kyle recently did an Amazon Live and fans asked questions about everything. According to Reality Tea, Kyle Richards had this to say about her relationship with Dorit: “We haven’t spoken at all. But I have always supported Dorit since she joined the show.”

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A lot of the drama between the two happened when Dorit shared a text that Kyle sent her prior to filming the reunion. In Dorit’s eyes, it was a silencing text and she did not care for that. To Kyle, she didn’t appreciate that being shared and wanted to be able to explain the truth behind the message.

“I really felt very hurt by, you know, what happened at the reunion. I felt hurt by things that were said in the season. And then at the reunion, the text being read was very hurtful to me. She said that I was being manipulative. And it was actually the [complete] opposite. I was actually being very forthright. And saying, ‘I have a lot at stake for me right now. This is really hard for me. And I have a lot on my plate. I know what’s coming at me. You and I – these are stupid arguments. We don’t need to do that too.’”

Soured Friendships

Kyle Richards had a lot that she was dealing with and trying to handle. Therefore, she and Dorit Kemsley clearly needed to take a step back. As she further explained in the Amazon Live, she has talked to some of the ladies here and there. However, this is the time when they all take a step back and do their own thing. As for whether or not she and Dorit will be able to reconcile for the next season, Kyle openly admitted she is unsure if she will return. She has said this in prior seasons but claimed this will be a last-minute decision.

Do you think that Kyle and Dorit will reconcile? More so, would you like them both back for Season 14? Let us know in the comments below.

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