Kyle Richards Distancing Herself From Morgan Wade?

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Is Kyle Richards distancing herself from her rumored lover, country singer Morgan Wade? It appears that the two may have hit a hiccup in their relationship, whatever it may be. So, what happened? Keep reading for more details.

Kyle Richards Distancing Herself From Morgan Wade?

Before Season 13 of RHOBH began, it was rumored that Kyle Richards was stepping out on her marriage. She was said to be having an affair with country singer Morgan Wade and there was some evidence to back this up. They were wearing matching rings and Morgan was spotted with a “K” tattoo. This was interesting as Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky was always the one who was the subject of infidelity rumors. Then, in July 2023, it came out that Kyle and Mauricio had split after nearly thirty years. Though they denied it, admittedly their marriage had hit a rough patch. Soon enough, they had separated and their issues were playing out on television.

Kyle Richards-YouTube
Kyle Richards-YouTube

As for Kyle and Morgan, fans noticed the spark in their relationship. When Morgan made her first RHOBH appearance, Kyle was struggling to connect with her husband. Yet, when she was talking to Morgan, she was giddy and lit up as they were both sober and related on different levels. Though they have denied a romance, many friends believed that there was more to it and Kyle admitted to having a curiosity. Now it seems that the friendship may have soured, according to a tip from @deuxmoi obtained by @bravobravobravobri.


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Just last month, Kyle Richards was leaving flirtatious comments on Morgan Wade’s social media. They did not appear to have any problems in their friendship. So, what went wrong? Fans and followers immediately chimed in with their thoughts:

  • The two of them were just with Teddi at a fun raiser.
  • Ha who believes this????
  • In lesbian “a long time without talking” could mean an hour.

Of course, people wondered what this fundraiser was so that they could immediately try to hunt down the photos but there was no answer.

Keeping Her Diamond?

When Kyle Richards was at the Season 13 RHOBH reunion, she was pressed about two things. One was the demise of her marriage to Mauricio Umanksy. It felt like she could not give a concrete answer other than he did something to break her trust. Then, she was asked about her relationship with Morgan Wade and if they were a couple. She was dodging that as well but did say she had no idea what the future held. It is rumored that Kyle won’t be able to come back to the show unless she divulges the truth about her and Morgan. Therefore, she could be backing off for that reason.

Do you believe that their friendship has hit a standstill or is this just a blatant lie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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