Has Mauricio Umansky Found Love Amid Kyle Richards Split?

Mauricio Umansky-Instagram

Has Mauricio Umansky found new love again amid his split from RHOBH star Kyle Richards? The two were together for nearly thirty years before calling it quits. Now, they are separated and she has been speaking to divorce lawyers but has he moved on? Keep reading for more details.

Has Mauricio Umansky Found Love Amid Kyle Richards Split?

For years, it looked like Mauricio Umansky had been unfaithful in his marriage to Kyle Richards. It was in the tabloids and even made its way onto RHOBH by way of former co-star Lisa Vanderpump. She brought it up on a few occasions and it was always an elephant in the room. More so, as his star began to rise in the real estate world, it was rumored he was living his best life.

Mauricio Umansky, Kyle Richards-Instagram
Mauricio Umansky, Kyle Richards-Instagram

Then, Kyle was allegedly having her own love affair with country singer, Morgan Wade. Fans wondered if this played into Kyle and Mauricio’s decision to end their marriage. It all played out during Season 13 of RHOBH and in the season finale, Kyle shared that Mauricio had done something to make her lose trust in him. Though they had managed to live under one roof, by the time the reunion was filmed, Mauricio was looking for his own home.

More of their split played out on Mauricio’s Netflix series, Buying Beverly Hills which fans were excited to see. So, has he found love again? According to E! News, Mauricio Umansky is taking time to be alone. He was caught getting close with his DWTS partner, Emma Slater. However, it seems nothing serious is going on:

“I’m spending a lot of time by myself and kind of getting to learn myself and enjoy myself. I’ve been enjoying that process. I’m not in a rush to do anything at the moment. Not in a rush—period. I am enjoying the journey and I’m learning from myself. I’m just taking it a day at a time.”

He has been living his best life as he was skiing with his DWTS co-star, LeLe Pons, and singer Anitta. The ladies skied and filmed themselves half-naked with Mauricio as an onlooker.

The Girls

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards share four daughters together, three of whom work at The Agency. Their parents split played out on camera, including the talk about them parting ways. Now that the world has seen this go down, how do they feel about them moving on with other people? Farrah Brittany, who is Kyle’s daughter from her first marriage, had this to say about seeing the duo dating new partners:

“It’s a whole new world that we now live in but I think we’re very evolved, we’re very resilient. Our parents are humans and they are experiencing life. Things are changing and we’re just trying to adapt and be empathetic towards everybody’s experiences, be understanding and be supportive, even though it is very unusual and different. We just want everyone to be happy.”

Kyle has yet to confirm if she will return for Season 14 of RHOBH. If she does, it is unclear if she would show herself dating or if it would be the aftermath of her split. In any case, it seems her girls are doing much better and ready for whatever comes their way. Furthermore, Mauricio appears to be taking time to just work and clear his head.

How fast do you think Mauricio and Kyle will find new partners? More so, are you sad they could not make it work? Let us know in the comments and stream Buying Beverly Hills on Netflix and RHOBH on Peacock.

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  1. both chrisleys should be released and reunited with their family so they can work together on their financial issues please.

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