Andy Cohen Breaks Down BravoCon Postponement

Andy Cohen-YouTube

Andy Cohen is finally breaking down the reason behind the BravoCon postponement. It is not happening in 2024 after a very successful 2023 in Las Vegas. Rather, it will take a year off and return to Vegas in 2025. So, why did this happen? Keep reading for more details.

Andy Cohen Breaks Down BravoCon Postponement

Bravo fans were ready and raring to go to BravoCon in 2024 only to learn that it was not happening. Instead, the event would be taking a year off yet it would return to Las Vegas in 2025. Fans can reserve rooms now if they wish but it has not been announced when tickets for the actual convention will go on sale. At the same time, no reason for the postponement was given so there was a lot of speculation. Both Bravo and Andy Cohen have been facing a plethora of lawsuits so that was presumed to be why they took a step back.

Andy Cohen-YouTube
Andy Cohen-YouTube

Now, Andy himself is explaining why they are taking a year off from the highly successful interactive fan event. Initially, a news outlet tried to say that it was his fault that the convention had been canceled. According to Reality Tea, he spoke out on his SiriusXM radio show and shared his truth:

“I read over the weekend that InTouch is blaming me for BravoCon getting canceled. Oh, wow. I mean, who did I pi** off at InTouch? They’re really on me. This is the most I’ve thought about InTouch in a very long time.”


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So, clearly, it is not his fault that BravoCon is on pause for one year, which is good to know. Then, what is the cause for the holdup and why do fans have to wait for a whole extra year to attend the event?

“I don’t know. Their theory is that I’m going through it so BravoCon is canceled. I think this decision was made long ago because the availabilities for the location that we wanted to be were, it would’ve been that we would’ve had to have it in I think September of this year or something like that.”

BravoCon is typically held in October or November so Andy did feel that this just felt way too early to come back together.

A Time Out

With the timeline that Bravo was offered for BravoCon 2024, Andy Cohen was very transparent that it was too soon for the event:

“It was way too soon. It felt way too soon, so I’m glad last year after BravoCon, I remember, and I don’t choose when BravoCon is, but I remember saying to the powers that be at Bravo I hope we’re skipping a year because it just seems –”

His co-host, John Hill teased him that, in essence, it was his fault because he wanted to wait until 2025. So, it all boiled down to location and when they were available and had nothing to do with Andy and his scandals. Hopefully, Bravo will book the venues early going forward to keep consistency for fans.

Do you believe what Andy is saying or do you think that there is more to the story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t believe Andy. He does have multiple law suits as well as Bravo all associated with his behavior. He is in the middle of contract negotiations for renewal.
    I believe that’s the reason for the change in date! BRAVOCON was a success, why would you postpone it 🤔!?

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