Tori Spelling Gets Candid On Ex’s Girlfriend, Where They Stand

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Tori Spelling is getting candid on her estranged husband, Dean McDermott’s girlfriend, and sharing where she stands with her. The two started dating before Tori even filed for divorce and were trying to figure out what the next steps were. So, what does the mother of five think of the new lady in Dean’s life, and have their kids met her yet? Keep reading for more details.

Tori Spelling Gets Candid On Ex’s Girlfriend, Where They Stand

It has been nearly a year since Dean McDermott posted that his marriage to Tori Spelling was over. Though he soon deleted this social media posting, it had still been picked up everywhere. As much as they had tried to make it work for eighteen years, it was no longer fixable. It had been in trouble for some time but it was hard for Tori to pull the plug. She admitted Dean putting the news out in the world was such a relief and they started moving on. Tori, who had severe mold issues in her home, affecting her family’s health, took their kids and went to a motel and then into an RV.

Tori Spelling-YouTube
Tori Spelling-YouTube

Dean soon admitted to struggling with substance abuse:

“Alcohol made me feel good enough. I started feeling good enough until it got to a point where it didn’t — it ended up in isolation. It ended up with me drinking a fifth of tequila every night, seven days a week and a handful of [prescription medications] by myself with a beautiful family in the other room.”

Within four months, Dean had moved on with a senior account executive at Conscious Community Global named Lily Calo. They seemed very happy when spotted stepping out and Tori was also seen out dating. Dean and Lily became quite serious and now, Tori is opening up about her feelings toward Lily. According to Us Weekly, she got candid on the April 30th episode of her misSPELLING podcast:

“My soon-to-be ex has a girlfriend — a live-in girlfriend — who has met the kids. And I like her. I actually really like her. She’s supportive of him. They keep each other accountable. They’re sober.”

Admittedly, things are different now that Lily is around but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

What About The Kids?

Tori Spelling has admitted that the children have met Lily Calo but she did not say if they care for her or not. However, in March, Tori and Lily were seen having fun at Dave & Busters allegedly celebrating one of the kids’ birthdays. So, if Lily was in attendance and welcomed, they must be okay with her or at least respectful and cordial. Unfortunately, Dean’s oldest son, Jack, 25, recently admitted that he and his father are estranged and he is okay with that. He did wish Tori a lot of luck as he believes the parenting will mostly fall on her.

Hopefully, Lily and Dean will continue a happy romance and keep each other on the straight and narrow. More so, if Tori likes her then she can help facilitate a relationship with their five children. Do you believe Dean has found happiness and that Tori is really okay with him moving on? Let us know in the comments below.

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