Dean McDermott’s Son, Jack, Opens Up About Estrangement

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Dean McDermott’s son from his previous marriage, Jack, is opening up about his estrangement from his father. The twenty-five-year-old once was close with Dean and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Tori Spelling. So, what went wrong? Keep reading for more details.

Dean McDermott’s Son, Jack, Opens Up About Estrangement

Before there was Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott was married to Mary Jo Eustace with whom he had a son, Jack McDermott. Unfortunately, Dean’s happy home came crashing down when he met Tori. Despite both parties being married, they left their respective partners and started a whirlwind romance. They ultimately tied the knot and went on to welcome five children. Of course, those who have followed the couple know that they faced their own issues. Dean had been unfaithful to Tori which all played out on a reality series as they were very into that genre at the time.

Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling-YouTube
Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling-YouTube

It looked like their marriage was beyond repair but somehow, they made it work. Sadly, things just could not be remedied, and after eighteen years, Tori filed for divorce. During all of this, Dean confessed that he had battled substance abuse issues. He was also the one who put out the since-deleted separation statement which Tori admits she was relieved about. As he is dealing with all of this, it turns out Dean and his son, Jack are having their own struggles. According to Us Weekly, the two are currently estranged which is fine for Jack:

“Never say never, but I think that we’re just in a really great place, both of us. So, I just don’t think in the foreseeable future [a reconciliation is] anything that I want. … It’s not on the top of my list of priorities.”

Dean McDermott, Jack McDermott-Instagram
Dean McDermott, Jack McDermott-Instagram

As to what went wrong, that is unclear. Jack did have kind words for his half-siblings as well as his former stepmother, Tori Spelling whom he seemingly adored:

“All I have to say is I wish the kids well. I know Tori’s probably going to be having to do a majority of the parenting now, so I just hope she’s the best mother that she can be. And those kids deserve the world, so I hope that she can give it to them.”

No Surprise

Jack McDermott admitted that he was not shocked when the news broke about Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling divorcing. He had lived with them for a short time so it seems the writing was on the wall. As of now, he has not met his father’s new partner with Jack’s mother having no idea that Dean had even moved on already. All Jack wants is for his father to be happy so that is very telling. They can be apart but still want the best for one another. So, what is next for Jack? Per his mother, Mary Jo Eustace:

“He’s great. I brag to everybody. He just did his LSAT. He is going to law school, my daughter [Lola] is in premed. It took a lot to get through all the garbage, so I’m really, really proud of him.”

Jack seems to be in a very positive place and all the best in his new endeavor. Are you shocked that he and Dean are estranged? More so, do you think he and Tori should reconnect for the sake of his siblings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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