‘RHOBH’ Kyle Richards Taken Hostage By Wild Rodent

Kyle Richards-YouTube

RHOBH star Kyle Richards was recently taken hostage by a wild rodent and it paralyzed her with fear. As many fans know, Kyle has long suffered from anxiety. This particular instance did not help her in any capacity. So, what exactly happened? Keep reading for more details.

RHOBH Kyle Richards Taken Hostage By Wild Rodent

Kyle Richards is a big animal lover as she has several dogs and has ridden horses, albeit with an extreme allergy. She used to support Lisa Vanderpump’s Yulin efforts to stop the dog meat trade so it is safe to say she loves her furry friends. At the same time, the mother of four has been very transparent about her anxiety and how she has irrational fears. They can often overtake her but she has learned how to cope and deal with them. Unfortunately, things happen that she has no control over. Such is the case when she ran out to run some errands and grab a coffee.

Kyle Richards-Instagram
Kyle Richards-Instagram

Kyle was sitting in her car after grabbing the coffee and she happened to be taking an email break. Then, she looked out her driver’s side window only to see a mouse/rat standing on her side mirror, smiling at her. She shared the video on her Instagram and she was panicked. Admittedly, she had no idea what to do and did not want to make the situation worse by moving her mirrors or driving the car.


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Immediately, this made its way onto Reddit as a fan was traumatized by what Kyle Richards had gone through:

  • I’m going to have nightmares about this video Kyle posted

So, after other RHOBH fans saw Kyle being held hostage by this rodent, what were their thoughts?

  • I’m crying lmaoooooo I’m scared of rats so I get it but the thing could not possibly look sweeter if it tried
  • Aw it’s cute tho 🥹
  • The way the rat was so unbothered while she’s freaking out is killing me.
  • Ratatouille 2: Beverly Hills Edition
  • Anyone else find him adorable?

Cutest Rodent Out There

As much as fans felt for Kyle Richards and what she was going through, they could not help but feel for the rodent. The general consensus was that he was incredibly adorable and looked like he was smiling. Some expected to see a serial killer outside but then she showed this darling creature. Yes, it was terrifying because he was just standing there, not about to move and she was paralyzed with fear. However, it could be far worse than what it really was.

What did you think of Kyle’s reaction to the smiling rodent and were you expecting it to be far more terrifying? More so, how would you have behaved in the same situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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