‘RHOBH’ Kyle Richards Erases Mauricio Umansky In Symbolic Way

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards seems determined to erase Mauricio Umanksy from her life, and she has new jewelry without his initials on it. The news came on Mother’s Day shortly after Bravo fans found out that he’d moved into a new condo in West Hollywood.

RHOBH Kyle Richards & Talks Of Divorce 

There’s been a lot of talk about the estranged couple getting divorced. However, in the report about the new condo, it seems that their financial assets are so convoluted that they might not bother with it for now. However there’s so much talk about the RHOBH couple, that sources sometimes contradict each other.

Mauricio Umanksy - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Hayu - YouTube
Mauricio Umanksy – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Hayu – YouTube

Kyle Richards heard stories that Maurio Umanksy cheats on her, and that would make any woman feel insecure. It all seems a terrible pity. After all, she and her ex raised nice kids together. Money, businesses. investments, property, and popularity all seemed to be at their fingertips. But it wasn’t enough to safeguard their devotion to each other. And now, it seems that all hope is gone.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Erases Mauricio Umansky

On Mother’s Day, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to her Instagram stories and shared a photo of a necklace. She didn’t say who gave it to her, but probably one of her daughters did. She tagged @SIGWARDJEWELRY as she displayed the golden necklace that said, “KRE.”

Kyle Richards Jewelry - Instagram Stories
Kyle Richards Jewelry – Instagram Stories

Bravo star Kyle Richards also said in her overlaid text:


Of course, that might mean that she bought it for herself. In the olden days, she would sometimes wear jewelry with a “U’ in it, which is obviously because her husband’s surname is Umansky. According to Page Six, KRE stands for “Kyle Egan Richards.”

Kyle Changed Her Instagram Name

Bravo fans noticed that recently, the RHOBH star dropped the name “Umansky” from her Instagram profile page. On Reddit, an OP wrote:

Kyle Richard’s Instagram…Did kyle just change her instagram name to ‘Kyle Richard’s from ‘Kyle Richard’s Umansky’?? I don’t know when was the last time I noticed it but it was probably like a week or 2 ago and she definitely had the Umansky name but it’s changed now. Yesterday we found out that’s Mau’s moved out, today her name has been changed. The divorce is happening now I guess.

RHOBH Star Kyle Richards drops Umansky from her Instagram Name - Instagram
RHOBH Star Kyle Richards drops Umansky from her Instagram name – Instagram

Fans of Mauricio Umansky and his estranged wife agreed that they thought she changed it the same day she dropped the ‘U” from her jewelry. Here is a small selection of comments:

  • It was definitely changed today, yes. She also posted her Mother’s Day necklace today, which has her KER initials, so seems she’s reverting to that elsewhere too. Mau had changed his bio, removing the married to kylerichards18, a week or two ago as well, IIRC.
  • I swear I spotted in the newest season she was carrying luggage or a bag that was KR and not KRU (like before).
  • Any long term relationship ending really is sad 😔 Certainly am curious as to why things went down like they did though.

What are your thoughts about Kyle Richards’ necklace without “U” for Umansky on it on Mother’s Day? Do you believe that it spells a clear signal that the Bravo star will not ever reconcile to become man and wife again? Shout out in the comments belwo, and come back here for all your Real Housewives of Beverly Hills news

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