Wendy Williams’ Apartment Sold By Guardian

Wendy Williams GMA YouTube

Lifetime’s Where Is Wendy Williams? docuseries shone a spotlight on court-appointed guardians, and recently, Sabrina Morrissey sold the former talk show host’s apartment in New York City. Read on to find out more.

Wendy Williams Moved Out Of Her Apartment

When the famous talk show host was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia, she was moved to a care facility. On the docuseries by Lifetime, fans saw a barely recognizable woman from the one that sent her sparkling personality to millions of TVs. Scared, confused, and sad, there were some concerns about the court-appointed guardian.

Wendy Williams - YouTube
Wendy Williams – YouTube

The Where Is Wendy Williams? series almost didn’t happen because the guardian wanted a court to stop it. After all, it showed her in a bad light, she believed. Execs intended to air it anyway, and the show went ahead. And since then, her guardian has popped up in the news from time to time.

Sabrina Morrissey Sells Apartment At A Loss

On May 20, People magazine reported about the sale of the talk show host’s apartment. It was an expensive penthouse in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York. According to the outlet:

Property records indicate that Williams purchased the apartment in Manhattan’s Financial District in June 2021. According to Zillow, she paid just over $4.5 million for it at the time and it sold for just $3.75 million earlier this month.

This loss might infuriate Kevin Hunter, the ex of Wendy Williams who ripped into Sabrina Morrissey multiple times. So far, he accused her of mishandling funds, and not handing over financial documents.

Kevin Hunter on Instagram talking about Wendy Williams' health - Instagram/Kevin Hunter
Kevin Hunter – Instagram

Was the apartment sold at a loss because Wendy’s guardian was in a hurry to sell it? Well, according to Norada Real Estate, the housing market in New York City in 2024 is very much a buyer’s market. The website explains:

A buyer’s market allows for more negotiation, with sellers often accepting offers below the initial listing price. Manhattan, with its luxury market, is experiencing this [buyer’s market] trend most acutely. Wealthy buyers increasingly [opt] for rentals due to higher financing costs and economic uncertainty. As a result, sellers in Manhattan [face] a smaller pool of buyers with larger budgets, leading to more wiggle room on price.

New York City CCO Pixabay
New York City CCO Pixabay

As People also, mentioned an old tax lien on the property formerly owned by Wendy Williams, perhaps the apartment needed to sell fast. The sad story of Lifetime’s debilitated star just seems to keep on getting worse.

What are your thoughts on Sabrina Morrissey selling Wendy Williams’ penthouse apartment in New York City at a loss? It might be difficult to lay any blame, given the apparent positive buyer’s market. Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Wendy Williams news.

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