Wendy Williams’ Ex, Kevin Hunter Doesn’t Trust Guardian

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Kevin Hunter, the ex-husband of Wendy Williams is chasing after money and he’s vocal about his distrust of the legal guardian, Sabrina Morrissey. He’s trying to get the severance payments that stopped in 2022. The guardian feels that he’s been overpaid, and he must refund some of it. She also demanded a gag order on the talk show host’s ex-husband.

Kevin Hunter Fights, Claims Hardships

Apart from clashing with the court-appointed guardian, Wendy Williams’ ex also filed a $10 million lawsuit. When The Wendy Williams Show ended, he felt that he was wrongfully terminated. He pointed out that both he and Wendy were initially contracted to do a show. And, that later became the main income for his wife.

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Kevin Hunter on Instagram

Kevin Hunter seems determined to get his hands on some of the money. The docuseries by Lifetime called Where is Wendy Williams? also made a lot of fans wonder. Is there some fire in the smoke that he’s blowing? In fact, execs for the show felt that it was important to highlight the guardianship issues. But, Kevin felt too much was left out, and he accused Wendy’s sister of stealing money. Now, he’s aiming at the guardian with questions about cash.

Where Is Wendy Williams? What Happened To The Money?

The Sun reported that the ongoing fight between Wendy’s ex and the court-appointed guardian, Sabrina Morrissey continued in court on Friday. According to the outlet, the hearing was quiet, with a forensic auditor, Sabrina, Kevin, and a judge present. However, a fierce argument was put forward.

Wendy Williams at the peak of her career - Lifetime - YouTube
Wendy Williams at the peak of her career – Lifetime – YouTube

The outlet cited Kevin Hunter as saying about Lifetime’s Where is Wendy Williams?:

When we were in mediation, that was when Wendy was in an agreement with Lifetime and getting paid half a million. There were blatant lies in what [Sabrina] has been telling us and we still haven’t seen the bank records and she’s supposed to give us access to the retirement accounts. There has been gross negligence and as far as her being a guardian, I don’t trust this woman.

Additionally, the former husband of Wendy Williams stated, “I’m not just concerned about the money, but [Sabrina’s] come in and swooped in and depleted the accounts…This has become a…travesty.”

No Fast Resolution

It looks like there won’t be a quick resolution to the case, despite Kevin claiming that it needed addressing as a matter of urgency. The judge disagreed that his demand for money was urgent. Plus, he noted, “It’s difficult for both parties and both parties need to have this resolved. I think this case needs to go to arbitration.”

As for the guardian, she didn’t budge much at all. In fact, she merely said, “I disagree with Mr. Hunter’s statements.” Furthermore, she denied any knowledge of a RICO case against her and others. She might have been talking about someone named Jose Verdugo. Allegedly, some people tried to prevent Jose from gaining access to his money. So, they face a lawsuit of $30 million.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Kevin is being unreasonable? Or, should the accounting papers be handed over as a matter of urgency? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Wendy Williams news.

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