Wendy Williams’ Finesse In Shocking Interview With O.J. Simpson

Wendy Williams [Source: YouTube]

Since O.J. Simpson passed away on April 10, 2024, many are revisiting his old interviews. One that caught a lot of attention was the interview he did with famous talk show hostess, Wendy Williams.

Wendy Williams went on to experience her own controversies. But even so, she handled her interview with O.J. Simpson in a very intriguing way that has the internet buzzing.

Keep reading to get the scoop and see what Redditors had to say about the unearthed video.

Wendy Williams Sat Down With O.J. Simpson 23 Years Ago

Although Wendy Williams has been going through her own share of hardships lately, she still maintains her loyal fans who loved and adored her show.

Even after Where Is Wendy Williams? premiered, her fans remembered her for the hard-hitting interviewer she once was. Now, an old interview she did with O.J. Simpson is making its rounds online.

Wendy Williams from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, sourced from YouTube
The Ellen DeGeneres Show/YouTube

Nicole Brown Simpson died in 1994. O.J. Simpson was arrested and tried for the murder but was acquitted of the charges. But that didn’t stop people from wanting to learn more.

“Wendy Williams interviewing O.J. Simpson in 2001,” the original Redditor titled their post. They attached a video featuring around two and a half minutes of the interview.

“I know I was told not to ask you about ‘the incident.’ Is there any reason why?” Wendy asked O.J. in the interview.

“What incident?” Simpson asked flatly.

“The incident with Nicole!” Wendy replied, seemingly shocked that he didn’t know what she was talking about. Simpson replied there was nothing to talk about. He went on to say that he was proven innocent in court and didn’t feel that there was any reason to rehash the past.

By the end of the interview, Wendy admitted she sincerely wanted to hate O.J. Simpson, but she had grown rather fond of him. He even gave her a small hug at the end.

It’s not typically how people interact with O.J. Simpson and was very interesting for viewers to see.

O.J. Simpson and Wendy Williams interview, sourced from sanandrios on Reddit

Redditors React To The Thought-Provoking Interview

Although it’s pretty unusual for people to see O.J. Simpson in a positive light, Redditors felt pleasantly surprised by the video. Despite having such a horrific reputation attached to him, Wendy seemed to treat the former NFL star with respect and kindness.

Primarily, Reddit users said they appreciated how Wendy Williams conducted herself in the interview. Comments included:

  • Wow. She was GOOOOOD.”
  • “Rightttt?! Was just thinking the same. She was a flawless interviewer.”
  • “The way I miss her !!🥲”
  • “‘……….I know you’d like to think that, Oge’ 😂”

Did you feel surprised to see how Wendy Williams handled herself while speaking to O.J. Simpson? Add your thoughts to the conversation and share what’s on your mind.

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