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‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Producers Prepared For Host’s Death?

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The Wendy Williams Show producers were prepared in the event of the host’s death. They had a tribute montage video “ready to go,” according to a new report. Wendy took a break from her talk show back in September 2021. She assured fans that she would return soon despite her ongoing health problems.

Unfortunately, she didn’t return to the show and celebrity guests filled in for her until her show got cancelled. One insider revealed that they had a montage video ready for the 58-year-old host in case of an emergency. She wasn’t doing well behind the scenes, and her health was on a decline for several years.

Wendy Williams Behind The Scenes[YouTube]

Wendy Williams continues to make headlines

The original talk show host continues to make headlines for her personal life. In a sad twist, she’s become her own “Hot Topic.” Wendy Williams has fans concerned about her because of her recent sightings. She’s battling Graves’ disease, among other health problems.

She also secretly struggled with alcohol addiction for many years. The former radio personality would stash bottles in strange places in her studio. Last month, TV Shows Ace reported on the latest Wendy Williams sighting. She wore denim cutoff booty shorts to the liquor store.

Wendy Williams After The Show [YouTube]
The former talk show host was there to purchase cigarettes and a bottle of vodka, which she brought back to her New York City apartment alone. Her taxi driver confirmed that Wendy made the purchase around 8:00 p.m. She was in good spirits despite her health issues. However, there were moments when she looked confused or had to sit down to recollect herself.

Wendy Williams is still planning a comeback. She wants to become the host of her own podcast. However, some fans think she should focus on her health rather than work. She is still burned by having her talk show pulled out from underneath her.

Production was ready for the worse to happen

According to a new report, production was ready for the worse to happen. An insider associated with the former The Wendy Williams Show said that staff was concerned about her so much that they created a plan in case she passed away. They had a tribute video “ready to go” in the event it happened during production.

“Producers had a package edited and ready to go just in case the worst happened. It was basically a highlight reel honoring all Wendy’s greatest moments playing over very sad music,” an insider told Radar Online.com.

Wendy Williams & Crew [YouTube]
The video never aired. However, they still have it in their possession — just in case something happens. Sherri Shepherd will take over with her namesake show this month. She already got some help from talk show legend Oprah Winfrey. Wendy has asked her friends to boycott Sherri’s new show.

What are your thoughts on The Wendy Williams Show preparing for her inevitable death? Do you think it’s out of line? Or, do you think it’s understandable? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Wendy Williams.

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  1. It’s sad to see someone make all that money and can’t enjoy herself life is too short for nonsense Sherri did nothing to her but help her still get a paycheck but everybody that’s petty Wendy coming out now she’s her own hot topic get well girl and I’m rooting for Sherri to succeed as you did but different

    1. Lady you lie Sherri did did nothing too help she was so desperate for a talk show, the producer wants Wendy Dead , so Everyone can support Sherri New Show, Sherri was trying too hard to still Wendy platform, an they no it, she went about the wrong way of getting that show, but is to going too come back an bite them all.

  2. I just think saying this about having a film ready in case she passes if she sees it in the state she’s in that’s not a good thing I think it’s kind of cruel

  3. It’s my understanding that they (the industry) does this with most celebrities especially NBC. They edit them as needed, adding new highlights and achievements then they just “sit there waiting” until needed. This is just the first time is actually being admitted.

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