Wendy Williams’ Guardian Under Fire For Mishandling Bank Docs

Wendy Williams - YouTube/Debmar-Mercury

A divorce judge is slamming Wendy Williams’ financial guardian for not forking over her financial records to her ex-husband Kevin Hunter. Although Hunter has made multiple requests for bank documents, Williams’ guardian Sabrina Morrissey has continuously failed to materialize any records. The judge clarified that there would be no resolution in the couple’s divorce settlement unless Morrissey coughed up the bank statements. Continue reading to see what unfolded in court last week.

Kevin Hunter: ‘This Has Become A Real Travesty’

Kevin Hunter has suggested that Sabrina Morrissey is purposefully withholding the financial records from him. He claims that she’s doing this because she is secretly pocketing Wendy Williams’ money for herself.

He stated that Morrissey has not provided him a reason for stopping his severance payments, which were made to him from Wendy Williams at the time of their divorce through January 2022.

“I’m not just concerned about the money; she’s come in and swooped in and depleted the account in that time,” Hunter said. “This has become a real travesty.”

Kevin Hunter - The Wendy Williams Show - 99 JAMZ, YouTube
Kevin Hunter – The Wendy Williams Show – 99 JAMZ, YouTube

“I know this is a difficult case for a lot of different reasons,” Judge Michael Katz acknowledged the situation in court last week.

“It’s difficult for the parties, but also because of the physical, mental health, and financial issues, it’s difficult for both parties, and both parties need to have this resolved,” he continued. “I think this case needs to go to arbitration, but Mr. Hunter needs discovery.”

While the issue would normally be settled out of court with a mediator, Katz pointed out that Sabrina Morrissey’s refusal to cooperate has made that impossible. He chastised Wendy Williams’ guardian in court stating, “Clearly, this can’t settle because the parties are in the dark.”

The daytime TV host’s financial guardian attempted to defend herself to the judge. She said, “I’ve done what I can do under the New York court, but it’s very difficult to put out stuff that’s supposed to be private.” Katz took no time to fire back, pointing out that they can’t settle without having that information.

Did Wendy Williams Make $500K+ With Lifetime?

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband expressed his annoyance about the situation. Hunter claims that his ex-wife should have more than enough money in the bank to resume the divorce settlement payments that they previously agreed upon.

Kevin Hunter also pointed out that Williams has made a substantial amount of money from the Lifetime docuseries Where Is Wendy Williams? He claims she made $500,000+ and that Sabrina Morrissey is privy to those earnings because she signed off on everything.

Judge Michael Katz has requested that Morrissey provide the bank documents that Hunter is asking for. Previously, he was only provided with two months-worth of statements.

Wendy Williams - YouTube, Lifetime

“An arbitrator will decide if there was a breach [of Kevin and Wendy’s marital settlement agreement], and then if there was, we need discovery to see any damages,” Katz said during the hearing.

Earlier this month, Wendy Williams’ financial guardian attempted to place a “gag order” on Kevin Hunter so that he could not speak about the divorce settlement issue publicly. However, Judge Katz did not entertain the gag order in court last week.

Leaving the hearing, Hunter appeared to be content with the outcome. Morrissey, on the other hand, looked stressed while talking on the phone. It’s not clear what will happen next, but Williams’ guardian needs to cough up the financial documents sooner rather than later.

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