Did Wendy Williams Know She Was Filming A Docuseries?

Wendy Williams - YouTube/Debmar-Mercury

Fans have taken to the internet to discuss whether or not Wendy Williams was manipulated into filming the explosive Lifetime docuseries. Viewers noticed a severe shift in her attitude and behavior between the first three episodes and the final episode of the series. Not only do people think she was tricked into filming, but it is also possible that she was provoked on set to get stronger reactions out of her. Keep reading to see why fans think that’s the case.

Was Wendy Williams Manipulated During The Doc?

One Reddit user posted to a Wendy Williams subreddit, pointing out a few things that made them concerned. They posed the question, “Was Wendy manipulated during the documentary?”

The person continued, “Her anger outbursts towards the camera crew in episodes 1-3 was apparent. But one scene in particular is when Wendy and Shawn Zanotti were in Los Angeles. Shawn informed Wendy they (the producers) [were] there ‘for the podcast.'” After that, the fan said, Wendy Williams’ anger “almost disappeared.”

“Was Wendy under the impression that the film crew was there for the podcast, and not about a documentary?” the person asked on Reddit. Then they pointed out that in episode four Wendy is sitting down for lunch and she told her son she was “doing the podcast right now.”

Wendy Williams at the peak of her career - Lifetime - YouTube
Wendy Williams at the peak of her career – Lifetime – YouTube

It has been no secret that many people feel that the Lifetime docuseries was exploitative. Critics believe that Wendy Williams was not of sound mind when she consented to filming. At the very least, she was drinking, if not already starting to show signs of dementia.

“Noticed that too. Also noticed in the end of episode 4 when she calls her manager on the phone from her care facility she referred to it as ‘the documentary’ when she was sober,” one person commented. “Those first three eps she was still drinking.”

Another fan suggested that producers and people on the film crew also may have been provoking her off-camera to get bigger reactions on film. “After they caught on, they would not stop randomly asking about her son,” they wrote. “It was so upsetting to watch.”

What Was The Motive Behind The Series?

Initially, the Lifetime producers set out to produce a documentary that followed Wendy Williams’ comeback after the cancelation of her show. However, it swiftly became apparent that they were capturing something else entirely. It has come out that Wendy only agreed to the documentary being filmed because it was supposed to help her image. Instead, it showed her at some of her lowest points before being put into a care facility under guardianship.

Wendy Williams - YouTube, Lifetime

Everyone associated with the docuseries had been scrutinized as to what their motives behind filming were at the time. The production team has opened up and said that if they knew Wendy Williams had dementia at the time they would have never continued with the project.

What do you think? Was Wendy Williams manipulated into filming? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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