Was Wendy Williams Starved By Her Financial Guardian?

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The information coming out about former talk show host, Wendy Williams, is both heartbreaking and disturbing. After the documentary Where Is Wendy Williams? aired, all sorts of people have started speaking out about the possible abuse and neglect Williams has faced in the past several years. Regina Hall, one of Williams’ closest friends, is now speaking about things she witnessed.

What Regina Hall Witnessed

According to Regina Hall, Wendy Williams had absolutely no ability to spend her own money. In order to spend any money, Williams had to contact her financial guardian. Her financial guardian is Sabrina Morrissey. She is the person who has complete control of Williams’ money.

“When I was in New York and staying with Wendy in the summer, I noticed when she would call…she had no access to her money,” Regina Hall said in an interview. “So, every time she had to do anything that she had to pay for, she had to go through the guardian.”

Regina Hall explained how even something as simple as ordering breakfast in the morning was a difficult challenge. Wendy Williams would have to call Sabrina Morrissey and tell her what she wanted to eat. Hall claimed there were times when the food would not show up for several hours. “So Wendy wouldn’t have any food,” Hall stated. Hall stated she would have food delivered to Williams because she knew her friend did not have anything to eat. Regina Hall blames this on Sabrina Morrissey.

Who Is Sabrina Morrissey To Wendy Williams?

Sabrina Morrissey is the person who was appointed to be Wendy Williams’ “financial guardian.” She is the person has complete and total control over all of Williams’ money. No one except Morrissey can spend a penny of Wendy Williams’ millions of dollars.

Sabrina Morrissey is also an attorney. It is unclear exactly the type of law she practices, but she is a lawyer. She appointed as Williams’ legal financial guardian in December of 2022.

Who Is Regina Hall?

Regina Hall is one of Wendy Williams’ closest friends. She claims she has traveled numerous times from her home in Los Angeles, California to the home of Williams to visit her. She claims she has seen, first-hand, what was happening to her friend.

At the time of publication, little else was known about Regina Hall. It is still unclear how Hall met Wendy Williams. Hall does claim she and Williams have been friends since childhood.

Tell us what you think. Do you think Wendy Williams was going without food? Did Sabrina Morrissey neglect the person the courts appointed her to watch over? Why wasn’t there someone to help Wendy Williams with such basics as food? Sound off in the comment section below.

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